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Vitamin D
Jan 10, 2009
... I have been dealing with small fiber neuropathy for almost two years, along with chronic joint pain and dry burning eyes. I have had 3 emgs ,many mri's and I don't know how many blood tests. ... (3 replies)
... a type of neuropathy that doesn't show up on EMG tests. Check out the threads on this board related to SFN and google "small fiber neuropathy." This type of neuropathy is not very common so you will not find a lot of info on it, plus doctors tend to not be familiar with it. ... (23 replies)
... I recently had all my vitamin levels checked and all including vitamin D are within normal range. ... (22 replies)

... I would like to talk to anyone out there who has significantly elevated vitamin B6 levels and who also has been diagnosed peripheral neuropathy. ... (17 replies)
... Glad things are somewhat improved for you. Yes, vitamin D is amazingly important. I had to take huge supplements, 50,000 a week for 15 months to get my levels back to where they should be. ... (9 replies)
... You are not the only one. I have neuropathy in my feet. I am not diabetic and it is not because of my back. ... (11 replies)
... I shall have to ask my doc for a vitamin B12 test. This seems to be a common trait among those with neuropathy. I am already on vitamin D supplement. ... (2 replies)
... This month marks the fourth year of having neuropathy symptoms in my hands, arms and legs with no diagnosis. It started after coming home from vacationing in the British Virgin Islands. ... (23 replies)
... Did you have bathroom problems and didnt you have muscle waisting , I have idiopathic neuropathy and I'm having a tearble time (9 replies)
... if you haven't had your Vitamin D levels checked in the past two years, it's a good idea to have the test done. ... (7 replies)
... y. I still expect to get some better since it can take up to two years. I take supplements Benfotiamine, Fish Oil, Acetyl L carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, multi vitamin mineral, glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium and extra Vitamin D. I am taking no medication for the neuropathy. I take an occasional Alleve for low back pain. ... (14 replies)
... Can you please list your difficulties and how you over came them. I have severe pain in feet up to hips both sides lost 50 lbs in 6 mo cannt stand more than 10 minuets it's a burning icy hot stabbing stinging pain now up to my hands sholders and face dificulty swallowing burning dry lips body feels heavy and the tendons seam tight loss of muscle bloating shortness of breath... (9 replies)
... w to the site, so just small introduction. name is Cindy first started having problems back in 1995, took awhile to get dx. But I have autoimmune poly peripheral neuropathy including the autonomic system, which means the nerves that control tummy, swallowing, blood pressure even how the blood flows to and from limbs. ... (9 replies)
... May want to also get your vitamin D checked. Mine was extremely low and my doc said many people have that. It helps more with fatigue and so forth that can go with neuropathy. ... (22 replies)
... Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? ... (4 replies)
... How much B6 did your vitamins contain? My had 50mgs within the multi. My neuro said that the nerves can 'regrow' but its at a very slow pace, I believe a mm or two a month. If B6 was an issue, who knows what other 'water soluble' vitamins can also cause problems. I still take 1000mg of C a day, calcium for osteopenia, vitamin D, zinc (small amount), and alpha lipoic acid for... (17 replies)
... Hi Marie: This is the first I have heard of the Metanx used by someone. My neuro gave me a prescription for that. It is really expensive and do you think it does anything? I take venlefaxine and Celebrex (I have arthritis too) as well as high vitamin D (I have been deficient in that with very low levels for more than a year). Thanks and have a good feeling day!:) (4 replies)
... all of our weekends at the lake. Plus all of our vacations are beach vacations. I've learned it really doesn't matter the sun exposure you get as to what your Vitamin D level is and if you use sunscreens then you are blocking the necessary sun needed to absorb Vitamin D anyhow. ... (4 replies)
... and a vitamin D and B12 deficiency. I've been taking vitamin D and B12 supplements however and levels of both are now back up. ... (12 replies)
... These three supplements help mild neuropathy in my feet. ... (4 replies)

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