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... welcome to this forum, there are many reasons for nerve damage or irritation, elavated blood sugars is a very common cause but certainly not the only one. ... (7 replies)
... x that i am aware of, it all takes time but peripheral nerves have the ability to regenerate once they are in the right enviroment, it normally takes a long time for nerve's to be damaged so it can take some time before they can recover. ... (6 replies)
... a cervical spine MRI and xrays of my neck. Nothing conclusive, unfortunately. I go back next month for a checkup, but things aren't any better. Sometimes worse. ... (9 replies)

... It is possible you have something autonomic in nature, and for some neuropathy does play into it. ... (1 replies)
B12 nerve repair
Jul 9, 2007
... So what I am wondering about is how long it can take for the B12 to make a difference in how I feel? ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for keeping us posted - I'm truly thrilled for you - recovery sounds like it is on schedule - Rose (38 replies)
... Try inversion therapy for spinal stenosis if advised by physician it is okay. ... (20 replies)
... everyone. My name is Eileen. I am 41 years old and have been diagnosed last year with neuropathy. My neuropathy developed after my gastric bypass, and severe vitamin B deficiencies. I was very sick, on tube feeding for 6 months, and got my bypass reversed in June. ... (4 replies)
... A number of vitamin deficiencies can also result in painful or otherwise uncomfortable neuropathy, as can other systemic diseases. ... (9 replies)
... Jason, for the burning I found a little relief with B1 100 mg x 3 times daily, unfortunatly it doesn't help everyone though. ... (41 replies)
Test Results
Feb 29, 2008
... Hi, Sensory nerves are the small nerves responsible for sensation throughout the body. ... (3 replies)
Need a lifeline
Jan 22, 2011
... I too go nuts due to constant nerve pain. It hurts to breathe, eat and walk. My problem stems from a brain malformation called Chairi. ... (2 replies)
... m sorry to hear about your pain. I too have some nerve issues from prior B12 deficiency but not as bad as you. ... (2 replies)
... If you have burning, then vitamin B1 or the really strong b1 called benfotiame may be helpfull. ... (9 replies)
... all nerve branches that bring nerve impulses between the spinal cord and the rest of the body. ... (8 replies)
... n Peripheral Neuropathy, besides diabetes there are many, many other possibilities that can cause nerve damage that should be tested for, could be as simple as a vitamin deficiency like B1, B12, B6, vitamin E or even folate deficinency but there are heaps of other reasons that can be tested by blood and urine tests. ... (8 replies)
... What you are feeling burning and pins and needles sensation are classic signs of small fiber peripheral neuropathy, in which the small C nerve fibers become damaged, reduced, etc. These fibers are responsible for transmitting pain and sensations and are in the epidermal area of the skin. ... (8 replies)
... soles of both feet back in 2001 and dramatically progressed up through the feet, ankles, lower limbs, fingers, hands, wrists, lower arms when I started training for running a marathon in 2001. I was 72 years old at the time. ... (21 replies)
... I started seeing a neurologist about a year ago to determine the cause of my neuropathy and I think I threw the poor doctor for a loop, but he stuck by me. He saw how red and purple my feet got. He saw the pain on my face when he touched my feet. ... (11 replies)
Sensory Neuropathy
Apr 14, 2008
... test will show up diabetes but some don't realize that nerve damage can happen even in a prediabetic state, tests for vitamin deficiencies like b12, b1, b6 and vitamin E, folate, toxins, some medications and even to much alcohol or Gluten sensitivity can cause PN and the list goes on and on. ... (11 replies)

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