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... How long do you think it takes for nerves to regenerate? ... (9 replies)
... It can take many months to a few years depending on for example the cause of the deficiency it doesnt just appear it has a root cause.. ... (9 replies)
... d 480 mg daily, they all have a purpose and worked for me, but the main thing with me was fixing the cause which was the higher than normal blood sugars, i aimed for sugars to be as close to a person that is not diabetic. ... (6 replies)

... Hi, watch out for the low sugars as they can damage the nerves as much as the high sugars can. ... (11 replies)
... o regenerate themselves as long as they aren't completely dead, but they have been known to actually re sprout again but growing a bit differant than the orginal nerves were. ... (5 replies)
Vitamin B12
May 14, 2008
... I have heard that vitamin B12 is essential for healthy nerves and that most people on a healthy diet should not be defficient unless they have some health problem. My blood tests show no such problem. ... (2 replies)
... and on meds for that yet as well as bloodpressure and heart and kidney problems so have to be careful. ... (29 replies)
... I do know a few neuropathy patients that had elavated blood sugars and once they get their blood sugars under very good control for some time, their neuropathic pain has reduced . ... (29 replies)
Vitamin B12
May 15, 2008
... I should have added that i have been taken Multi B & B12 every day for over 5 years now, my nerves have been repairing over all that time, the cause of my nerve damage was Prediabetes & low B12, when nerves repair the best description i can think of is WEIRD, i had a lot of flaring of symptoms during that time as the nerves were trying to regenerate, but as the months/years... (2 replies)
... Although i'm glad your DR. actually thought of vitamins for the nerves there are superior choices for neuropathy.. ... (2 replies)
... elping so far. He want's me to cut down on my animal fat protein intake. I don't drink milk anymore and try to eat as lean of meat as I can. Fish is good also for your nerves. Vitamin B is helpfull of regrowing nerves. There are others that may work, you just have to look. Take care. ... (12 replies)
... h b12 is floating around in the blood not how much is in the cells were it counts, the liver can store up to 5 years supply of b12 but once that has run out, the nerves get damaged as they need the vitamin for good health. ... (24 replies)
Vitamin b-6
Aug 23, 2010
... You really want to be sure you are also taking good quality absorbable vitamins and not many oxide based ones. Many types are not absorbable easily but seem to be sold to the masses just to make a buck! (3 replies)
Vitamin b-6
Jan 30, 2010
... B regiment for about 2 months now. I honestly don't feel any different then when I first started, but I also understand that it takes time for the possibility of nerves to regenerate. ... (24 replies)
Vitamin b-6
Jan 29, 2010
... but takes a long time to build up a good storage, so the methylcobalamin is a much better choice. if in supplement form it should be taking on an empty stomache for max absorbtion. ... (24 replies)
Vitamin B12
May 14, 2008
... t got neuropathy i was very deficient in B12, but i did eat foods rich in B12, i believe that some people don't absorb the vitamins out of food as good as others for whatever reason, diseases like diabetes which can cause frequent urination which depletes the B vitamins quickly. ... (2 replies)
... and start a burning sensation. I thought maybe I had a pinched nerve so I went to a Chiropractor and started taking vitamins on a daily basis..Vitamin E is good for circulation....Vitamin B is good for nerves and iron once a week has seemed to help. ... (30 replies)
... low b12 which mainly affected my small fibre nerves and i did have some large nerve damage as well going by EMG testing.. ... (4 replies)
... i used ativan for four weeks but eventually it stopped working, not to mention the obvious reasons not to live on ativan. propranolol didn't work. ... (1 replies)
... I am currently taking 2000 mg's of methyl b12 and a b100 mg complex everyday for nerve damage.. so far i only feel relief in my feet.I have yet to feel any releif in my upper extremeties!! ... (14 replies)

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