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... Hello, thanks for the response. I am still considering surgery to remove the affected skin. I am however concerned it could make things worse, not better. ... (3 replies)
... Having Peripheral Neuropathy myself from Diabetes and specializing in treating the disorder as well, it has been my experience that rather "high" doses of the B vitamins help with nerve health and conductivity. ... (22 replies)
... I've been suffering with SFN since I was 18 and I'm 31 now. It took me 13 years to get a diagnosis. Needless to say, it was a very frustrating experience dealing with doctors for so many years. But I'm grateful now to be able to put a name with my symptoms and pain. ... (41 replies)

... Thanks for responding. I just started taking 300 mg of alpha lipoic acid twice a day about a week ago. Don't notice any difference yet. The nerve damage I have was caused by mortons neuroma foot surgery May 2008. What I am experiencing I am told is scar tissue rubbing against a nerve. ... (22 replies)
... The EMG tests nerve function, and nerve function can be affected by nerve damage, incorrect levels of vitamins or electrolytes, and various disease processes. ... (17 replies)
... ethyl b12 2000mcg's a day along with a b100 complex..Also many other vits,to make sure i am balanced out..I have had wonderful results so far with my neuropathic pain in my feet..I am still waiting for results in my upper extrememties..So to answer your question..No i havent had all the tests you mentioned. ... (14 replies)
... I started seeing a neurologist about a year ago to determine the cause of my neuropathy and I think I threw the poor doctor for a loop, but he stuck by me. He saw how red and purple my feet got. ... (11 replies)
... opathy, diabetic related neuropathy is the most common but certainly not the only reason why nerves get damaged, there are lot of blood tests that a neuro can do to rule out other reasons or contributing factors. ... (5 replies)
... burning sensation throughout my body and I am desperate for help. The pain is from head to toe. Sometimes I even end up with bad headaches. I have benn suffering for a few years now and it's just getting worse. ... (6 replies)
... ve stopped taking the heavy meds that I was given for that. I started taking vitamins, and in my case it actually seemed to help with the pain. Who knows? ... (83 replies)
... Hi Steven, I have just been diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy which is very painful. Started in the feet and now all the way up the leg to the hips and buttocks and now in hands. I have been told this is usually slowly progressive. I am now 46 but it started 4 years ago. ... (2 replies)
... May Aid Symptoms From Diabetic Nerve Damage. Will try that next and also probably accupuncture which they state may also help. Also, I am up to 1800mg on the gabapentin it also provides little joy. ... (22 replies)
... is up but to no relief of the neuropathy. I read about the ALA and have just started on that. Will let you know how that works out. ... (22 replies)
... Some have had some success with Alpha Lipoic Acid, which seems to help with the burning of neuropathy, also B vitamins, which are formulated for nerve support. I take both. ... (5 replies)
... ad these problems and also my feet near little toe became very very sore, also quick flashes of dizziness that felt like zaps and i thought it was lack of oxygen to brain and started to think my asthma was the cause of it. It is bazaar what lack of vitamins and minerals can do. ... (12 replies)
... I am so sorry to read that you've had such a tough time with chronic pain. Our bodies are capable of adapting to so many things and it is encouraging to read that your pain seems to be getting less in the last 2 weeks. It's my understanding that nerves can heal and that it does take time, as you indicated. ... (2 replies)
... strenght Tylenol every 3hours doesn't help or is good for the liver... ... (25 replies)
Foot pain
Oct 31, 2008
... Thanks. I did have a nerve test and it came back negative but they are still not ruling out pn. I have been reading up on B vitamins and think I will try to take a B complex vitamin to see if that helps. I am also doing acupuncture which seems to help a little. I have only had 3 sessions and may try a few more. ... (7 replies)
... weighing in at 300 lbs., now back up to 120 lbs., but lowest was 103lbs. ... (16 replies)
... I went to a neurologist 7 years ago who didn't know what to do so he treated me with voodoo. I went to another one two years ago who said 'you have neuropathy, what do you want me to do? ... (13 replies)

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