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Appetite loss
Jan 5, 2010
Hello everyone,

I am new to this board and appreciate all the good info I have read.

I lost 10 lbs without trying over the summer of 2008 and also had increasing episodes of lightheadedness, diarrhea, nausea and appetite loss. I also had lethargy, blurry vision, leg & arm numbness, ataxia, hair loss, chills and generalized weakness. My doctor couldn't explain this.

I had a brain MRI, head CT, upper endoscopy (twice), echocardiogram, abdominal CT w/contrast, celiac panel, small bowel follow through and three sets of bloodwork, all WNL.

I began to suspect B12 deficiency after having bloodwork ordered by my allergist, done by Spectracell, which showed a borderline deficiency, along w/Biotin. My primary doctor completely dismissed my concerns because my serum B12 in July 09 was 441. My gastroenterologist does not think this is my problem, either, but I think he's more open to considering it. I do have a family history; my maternal grandmother had it and took B12 injections every month. I also was a vegetarian for 22 years until 2006 when I resumed eating meat due to extreme lethargy and hair loss from a ferritin deficiency of 30. I responded well to iron supplements and no longer take them.

I started taking oral B12 on Nov 22 '09 and immediately felt better on the first day. I have continued to take between 2,000 and 3,000 mcg daily since then and have noticed great improvement in the lightheadedness, energy level and other symptoms. I do have occasional relapses. But my appetite is a chronic problem. I used to just plain eat my way through a day, and now it is nothing like that. Seems to be worse in the morning, with quite a bit of nausea. I am having trouble maintaining weight and can barely stay at 95. I have been as low as 92. My normal weight has always been around 100.

From reading these posts, I realize that recovery can be a slow process and I am a very patient person. But does anyone have info on when my appetite might normalize? Or are my doctors right and maybe I don't have a B12 problem after all? What else could explain these symptoms? I feel like I've been checked for everything else on the planet.

Thanks for any guidance here!

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