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Look to your diet and add more exercise. Weight training or other resistance workouts forces your body to work harder while bringing up your metabolism. Walking to school is good cardio but it does not burn enough calories nor does it keep your metabolism up for very long.

There is no such thing as "spot reducing". This goes for the guys as well as women. During exercise/diet, the body takes fat from all over to burn the fat as energy. The idea is to burn more calories than taking in. However, we all have spots where the body stored the fat first and, with many, it is the stomach. It will be the last to go.

Ab exercises will firm up the muscles there but also include other exercises too. Squats target not only the legs, glutes, back and shoulders .....but also the abs too. Chest/shoulder/arm exercises for the upper body and Back exercises too. These all force the body to work harder. This will help get some definition while burning the bodyfat. You will gain some muscle too while losing some inches. Muscle is denser than fat. A tangerine size portion of muscle weighs about the same as two grapefruit size portions of bodyfat. So you could lose bodyfat but not really losing weight according to the scales. Your wardrobe would be a better indicator of any changes.

Eat 5-6 smaller meals ....about every three hours if possible. Up your protein by eating more lean red meat, skinless chicken, tuna, and soy. You can include a protein shake or two to suppliment.

Lower your carbs (mostly overly processed ones) Eat whole grains and fiberous veggies. Cut the sugar and you are already drinking plenty of water.

Anyway, hope this helps you.

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