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[B][I]Hello everyone I am a newbe a 52 almost 53 year old male i started this at 348 lbs but have lost down to 292 by changing the food i eat and going to the gym five days a week. I have been a fat person all my life, and though it may seem hard to beleave over my life time i have lost and found over 1600lbs. I have been unable to keep it off and the going up and down has taken it's toll on me both fisical and mentaly excuse my spelling please,but it has been very hard for me and even got harder once i got older. I know there things that could go wrong, but I am going to die from being too fat or I'm going from trying to gain some normalsey in a life that has never known normal life has not change just the age of the kids that think your fatness is a joke waiting to be told have changed. I for one am tired of being the butt of the jokes and having to lough it off as if if didn't hurt when i know i feel like crawling under a rock and hidding till it stops hurting. I am having my surgury 12-18-07 @7:30 a.m. and if I die from this surgury, I know that I died trying to help myself be "NORMAL" but for all the people that over the years loughed at me I foregive you. wish me luck as i do all of you
peace and love dennis out.:angel: [/I][/B]

I am sorry about your sister passing it really hurts to lose someone you love, I don't know if your sister was always fat like myself, but if she was I can tell you this being fat is painful at best,and all being said fattness it self will kill you sooner or later,and i also know not all people feel as i do, that is to say I want to be able to say even if i die that i tried to change for the better, I put my best foot foreward and gave it the good ol collage try, but it was not to be that is when my love and beleaving in God will lead me on. I truly beleive God finds away to move us foreward both in life and in death. Look your sister is gone and in a better place, do you think she would have you sit and be sad if you can't deal with her death maybe you need to get some help and i don't mean that is a bad way ok? but really you need to move foreward or you could be the next to die from stress, it would not cahnge anything to know what she died from, the fact is she is dead and you are alive... so live don't die with her. This surgury can and does save many lifes and sometimes life is lost I feel your pain i really do but you are alive.You must retain her memory and love, but move on with life. if you don't mind i will pray for you and your family, and wish all your family a happy and renewed holliday filled with love and hope.
peace love
dennis out
p.s. foregive my spelling i know it is bad

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