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[QUOTE=Angel78;4741642]Thanks for the encouraging words. I try not to think of myself like that, but when ever I try to fix myself up, I still can't see anything but fat. I've had my family and people I see all the time at stores compliment me when I do try to make myself look better, but for some reason it still doesn't work. I have actually considered starving myself to lose the weight, but when you have a husband like mine, you can't do anything like that. He's on you like bee's are to honey. lol. I know he cares and loves me, but I can't talk with him about how I really feel about myself, because he just says, "shut up, you're beautiful just the way you are." I know he means well, but it is just empty compliments to me, because I know that I'm not. My sister is obese too, but she looks gorgeous, and I guess I just wish that I could be as pretty as her wether I'm big or small. The positive side is though that I'm working on myself once again, and like I said I just hope that this time I can get it off and keep it off. I don't know how many more times that I can keep on fighting this battle until finally I say "forget it" the only reason I haven't gaven up yet, is that I want to be alive to see my baby grown up with a family of his own, and I know if I keep the weight on me I might not live to see that. Hopefully my guardian angel keeps watching over me, and I hope yours does too. :angel:[/QUOTE]
Don't starve yourself. It doesn't work. I've tried it. You sound like your self esteem took a blow when you gained the weight. Stop hating yourself for getting fat. I have been overweight all my life. When I was younger it was only by 30 lbs. Now I still have 80lbs to lose. For me the eating disorder is directly related to the depression. For you it might be something else. You might explore the causes of the weight gain. It is a symptom. Why are you comparing yourself to your sister? Where is this competition coming from? Why do you want to compete with your sister? If you lose the weight will you then be better looking than you sister?
For me, I get rid of any fat food in the house. Its only when I'm hating on myself that I eat poorly. I learned to eat healthy and it took time. I was so hooked on junk that it was like withdrawal but after a while you actually do start to like healthy food. Its just like people say, it is a lifestyle change that happens a day at a time. Sometimes hour to hour. But if you don't have any unhealthy stuff in the house it makes it more difficult to consume empty calories. I just can't stand it when people hate on themselves. There are people out there who will do that to you for free.
You don't need to help need to help yourself. And thank you. You really helped me the other day. I was so depressed I wanted to be almost anyone else rather than deal with all those bad/sad memories. You helped me through it.

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