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Hi there; I've been diagnosed with OCD for about 3 years now and recently with having my boyfriend move away to college I've been so scared he's been texting other girls.
I've never caught him texting other girls only his friend when she texts him first but it's super innocent stuff like asking about college. I know I don't have any logical reason to worry about him given that he knows I have this fear and has told me he'd never do anything to upset me. How can I stop worrying about this? I'm so anxious and miserable and it's straining our relationship
Hi Flowerpower, about 3 weeks ago, you wrote this same message and got a few responses. I was one of those who responded to you.

Are you having a bad day and are you in need of reinforcement? It would be normal if you were...

Please remind yourself that your boyfriend has given you NO reason to think he is doing anything wrong. You have told us previously that he is aware of your OCD and meds and is supportive. Can you reach out to him for some reassurance? Let him know you are having a bad day/ week? Just to give yourself some peace of mind?

I think you are doing really well with this...remember, he is away at college to better himself- not to hurt you. He loves you and he will be home before you know it for the holidays. He loves you! He isnt doing anything wrong and you have to keep reminding yourself of this.

Hang in there...stay strong...and give him a call and let him know you are feeling blue...a guy that stands by you like you say he does-- is a keeper!
Hey Flowerpower, like the person before me said, you don't have any evidence that what you are thinking is true. It is just one of those pesky doubts that have been troubling you over the course of your live. Remember to label those thoughts as OCD and not reality, you don't have the slightest evidence to believe he is cheating you.
PS. Clear your inbox

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