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[QUOTE=SarangHae]Don't know if your still around since this topic is pretty old. Aniwayz, I believe I"m having the same problem. REligious unwanted thought. To response to ur phrase "I would rather go to other obsessions". I would rather have another obsession too. But, OCD is really weird. I've been having HOCD for a while, actually .. I kinda have inappropriate religious thoughts before HOCD, but the htoughts went away quickly, so when I have HOCD, to me, its the worst and no other Obsession can compare to. But then arg, religious OCd started, and I wished i have HOCD instead. But then again, i felt as if God was helping me. Cuz since the day religious OCD started, HOCD seems to be lessened and it saved me a big time. But to me right now, religious OCD is the worst. I felt so guilty even though I know God will forgive. But .. its just too inappropriate!.[/QUOTE]

Hi, thanks for responding, I can understand about having one obsession and then wanting it to go to another one to get rid of the one your obsessing on. I think for me the worst one is the religious thoughts..they cause me the most pain and suffering I have felt from OCD. It's been with me for a very long time now and I'm hoping that it will end so I can have some peace with myself and about the Lord Jesus, people tell me to turn this over to God and he will take it from me, don't think its that easy, because one, the thoughts are a illness nothing more, other, is because I have asked God to take it away from me and its clear to me God wants me to work thru this.

It just hurts so bad, because the thoughts just make it hard for me to pray, to do alot of things. I'm developing another symptom right now it kinda just creep up on me in force and I Just hate this, because it really has crippled my life and its not right that I must suffer thru non sense when life is so much beautiful then I feel. I think also if its not OCD ( which is VERY rare ) Its the depression my emotions and everything is just messed up, and I feel I could not function at all without my medication and right now I'm going theu a medicine change. today I have a appointment with my new therapist CBT is what I'll be doing

Lord willing it will work, but overall I know that God is not an angry God and God himself said that when we sin and we repent he forgives us and no longer remembers that sin. He is a extremely loving God and loves us and wants us to be happy and be at peace about him. but OCD wants us to beleive other wise and trick us.. we Just got to trust in God even at our hard times and I have alot of room to talk, but I want to do better and I really want to move on in my life away from these OCD thoughts especially religious ones.

I will say a prayer for you, please try to have a great day. May you know that God loves u, forgives you, and watches over you (( hugs ))

Ur friend :cool:

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