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Thank you for reading my add...This is my first time actually trying to get help with my beyond Horrible obsession! I pull my eyelashes out. I pulled the out for the 1st time when i was around 14 I think. It was b/c I had an "Infected" one. It was very noticable, but only in one spot. Eyeliner fixed that problem though and I didn't do it again for another few years, well until now. I started again about a year ago. I was 16 now im 17. I have only done this a year and Im already driving myself crazy. I used to pull them out because something was wrong. but now I do it everynight, even when there's nothing wrong! I started again b/c I got really sick I went to the hospital, and now I have a lot of problems, with depression and all. I used to see a therapist, but we never talked about the eyelash pulling. I hate this obsession so much!! Its just such a relief when I do it though. I cant understand it. I now have no eyelashes..Its very sad, and embarassing. I dont know how to cover it up or anything. My mom and I are trying fake press on eyelashes. I really need help on what to do. It's stupid, but things like that everyone takes advantage of..having If ANYONE can help me or have their experiences to share with me PLEASE Write me..Please! this is really the only thing I can think of doing without getting serious help. thank you for reading and your time!
Hi Amber-
I can relate somewhat because I'm a 17 year old girl with a history of self-mutilation. The eyelash pulling is probably considered a form of trichotillomania, which is the compulsive pulling out of hair.
I've never had any form of trich, but I've done lots of other stuff to myself- beating, cutting, head bashing, that sort of thing. And there are some strategies and other things you can do instead of the destructive things. Personally the only one I would find helpful sometimes is drawing on myself with red marker. Maybe you could do something like pulling hairs out of a wig or off of fake eyelashes?
Otherwise many of those alternate strategies never really worked too well for me, though they did work for others. However, when my doctor put me on a medicine called Naltrexone, I stopped all compulsive self-harm behaviors. It is prescribed for self harm and other things such as compulsive gambling and such. It's worth a try.
By the way, you might have better luck finding responses on the Self-Injury Recovery board. Not to say you aren't welcome here! :p
Kristina :wave:
I have a history too. I did entire chunk pulling from my head for a while until I forced myself to stop. Then it was searching for split ends and pulling or just wild coarse hairs... anything that looked "imperfect" to me. I still catch myself pulling split ends sometimes.

I also did the eyelash pulling for a while, and I noticed that mine was MUCH MUCH worse when I was wearing mascara. For some reason, that made me more aware of my eyelashes and I pulled them more. I'd also tug on mascara clumps really bad which would lead to breakage. They looked terrible. I don't know if you've tried this, but I went on a "mascara strike" for a while. I basically had to wear little if any eye makeup, and definitely no mascara. After a few weeks of that, the pulling slowed down and eventually stopped. I went a few weeks longer to reinforce the broken habit then was able to start wearing mascara again.

Maybe this could help you? Of course, I was only in highschool at the time, so I didn't have to wear makeup. This may not be an option for you, but good luck!

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