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It sound too me like a little of the "Pure O" which is pure obsessional ocd. if the thoughts and stuff are bothering you to the point where you dont enjoy the things you used to then it could be OCD.

But usually it does not become actual OCD until the thoughts are intrusive enough for you to be consumed by it and have some sort of panic attack. ie....feel like you are having a heart attack or you are going to die or cannot breath etc.... I have always sort of heard my heartbeat or at least I am so hypersensitive to my body that I can feel it beating all of the time.

Do you have other ocd symptons like counting stairs or counting your steps when you are wallking down the sidewalk? Or have to put things in exact order or you dont feel good?

Though it does sound too me this might be the developing stages of OCD. Just try not to let these things bother you and they will eventually go away. If the doctor told you everything is ok then you are most likely fine.

What kind of meds do you take?

Good Luck though I am there and have been there for a long time!!!!!!
God Bless!!!

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