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It's important to understand that anxiety and OCD take many different forms. As far as OCD, some people are obsessed with germs, others are obsessed with their body parts, and others like yourself are obsessed with health related issues. I've read quite a few posts on here regarding people who constantly obsess over their health and will spend hours a day on the internet looking for any sign or symptom that they may have some terminal illness. There is a name for this for students of medicine, they call it the "White Coat Syndrome," and it's typical for students who are in their medical residency. If they have an ache or pain they immidately associate it with some form of illness since they have to be aware of different symptoms with different patients.

If you notice that you're constantly obsessing over it, and it takes up more than 2 hours out of your day, you should seek some therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works very well as it is geared towards getting your brain to think in the right way. If you notice your health obsession taking up more and more of your daily time I would look for a CBT in your area, and also a CBT that specializes in anxiety disorders and OCD.

And OCD cannot cause schizophrenia. There are some people that have schizophrenia that have symptoms of OCD, but these people have alot of other issues going on at the same time.

Good luck!:D

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