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Re: Pure O?
Jan 29, 2007
The best explaination I have ever heard about Pure O was here! At this exact site. I doubt I can do justice compared to those that have helped me but let me try. Read some old posts.

Pure O is the Obsessive side of OCD. It usually is listed as it's own disorder seperate from OCD? I don't know if that means you can't have any compulsions or not? Maybe I am confused as to what a small compulsion is?

In Pure O your obsessions are always in your mind. It wans and waxes, this does not mean waxing your car. It comes and goes. It spikes and then leaves. If you are in the middle of a spike it is hard to notice that you had good days before though.

In your mind you will have intrusive thoughts. Thoughts that enter your mind out of the blue that you would never want to think. There are typical thoughts that happen, weird huh, disturbing sexual incestous, child abuse, strange or any other sick thought possible. There is also doing harm, killing loved ones, family, babies, strangers etc. There is other ones too, religious ones.

There is also rumination. Where you relive over and over again different episodes in your life that can or cannot have meaning. For me they never are good enough. I will relive this message over and over again, sometimes for years. I have relived over my whole life a billion times for the last 40 years.

That is a quick version, and there is so much more. Hopefully, any of the people here can fix any of my mistakes. I want to have lots to ruminate about.

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