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[QUOTE=allhonest;2816417]I went to a psychologist yesterday specializing in OCD and finally I can say that I probably have OCD.

My OCD obsessions are almost always about past events. I am having difficulty separating OCD thoughts from legitimate thoughts. How can I tell the difference?

The psychologist suggested that if I was in doubt about a thought, I should treat it like an OCD thought.[/QUOTE]

For me almost all of my thoughts are pure O thoughts. I ruminate about everything but if I follow the CBT training that OCDengineer talks about I am freed periodically of my thoughts. Then magically I start to have normal hours then days of regular thinking.

My wonderful days are very short lived though because I am very new at this and am still waiting to get real CBT. So maybe you will have longer healther thoughts with the help of your psychologist.

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