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I found this board through googling "picking at blemishes". I've never been diagnosed with OCD, and my (symptoms? I suppose that's the correct word to use) aren't too intrusive in my everyday life.

I do, however, obsessively pick at scabs on my scalp, the skin on the sides of my thumbnails, and any and all blemishes (real or imagined) on my face. I've been counting people in the rooms that I'm in (or building, if I can make it an even number). Even numbers are good, the best is 8 or a multiple or dividend of 8. The counting went from just people to other things as well. I've been dealing with these behaviors for years... They're definitely more active behaviors and thoughts when I am stressed or anxious. (Thank you, congnitive behavioral therapy!)

I thought, awhile back, that perhaps I have OCD (due to the obsessive counting), but I had the impression that OCD involves ritualistic behaviors that are crippling to a sufferer's life. I'm now wondering if perhaps I have Purely Obsessional OCD. It's an interesting thought, and one that I will have to discuss with my therapist. They really hate when you self-diagnose though.

To the OP, you're not alone. I thought I was the only one in the world that did such things.

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