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Re: Picking Scabs
Oct 4, 2003
Hmmm, I think there is something in the genetic theory, My uncle was a picker, he once had a boil go all thru his cheek, inside to outside, still picked it. My Mum doesn't but she had a cousin who used to pay her to let her squeeze her blackheads!
My sister, one of my brothers and I all pick, two daughters do but not one son. My yougest daughter had a nasty burn on her hand when she was a toddler and despite the burn being really deep, she would pick remorselessly. She has picked moles until they have enlarged. The other daughter once had to have a patch superglued on to her scalp to let it heal.

My sister eats her scabs, and when I first saw her do it whilst she was driving I nearly barfed all over her car at the sight!
I search my skin each day for anything in need of picking, if my dh gets sunburned and peels, i beg to be allowed to peel the loose skin off.
I really think there is a good connection with grooming to it, I feel no compulsion, I just happen to get satisfaction from doing it. I do feel I am purifying myself though.

I am sorry so many of you feel you have to do it, that is no fun:(

It seems there is a natural basis for picking, but compulsion is something that is added to it.

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Re: Picking Scabs
Oct 6, 2003
Greeting fellow pickers. I just found this message board after doing a search on scab-picking. I like the setup here, unlike some others I checked out. I'm a 32 year old female. I've picked at my scalp for who knows how long??...At least since grade school (6th grade to be exact) b/c I remember a certain incident where the whole class had to have their scalps inspected after a lice scare. The lady who looked at my scalp was so disgusted that she got another teacher to look at it, too. Of course, it was soooo humiliating!! I avoid getting my hair cut for long periods of time and wear my hair a certain way so as to not expose the condition. Even my husband doesn't know the extent of my picking, although he knows a little bit about my condition. I've been on 2 anti-D meds on and off for about 3 years. I've suffered from depresion for the majority of my life. I've been seeing a psychiatrist for about 1 year and he is the first person who has ever asked if I had a picking problem. My sister used to pick her eyelashes and I never gave it any thought until my shrink asked me about family history. My medications have absolutely no affect on my picking. I also bite my fingernails, which goes in line with the scab picking, b/c I also eat the scabs! OMG, I've never told ANYONE that, not even my own doctor!! I love the taste of blood and texture of the scabs. It completes the whole process for me in a sick, distorted way. I had no idea there were so many pickers out there. I want to stop so that I don't have to worry about the sores being exposed. My worst nightmare would be having to go through chemo and lose all my hair, therefore exposing years of craterlike scars and bloody scabs on my scalp.

signed... scalper

Re: Picking Scabs
Jul 6, 2006
[QUOTE=Emeraldeyes]I don't even know where to start.....I have never found anyone that has the same problems as me. Reading all of these posts brought tears to my eyes.

I have been picking for almost 2 years now. I am 25 y/o diagnosed as bi-polar w/ ocd. I take 60mg/day of paxil and 400mg/day of seroquel. It seems as though my picking comes and goes like a wave.

Currently I am back to picking like crazy. I too pick my feet to the point where I can't walk and I also try to pick the biggest pieces I can. It's like I am compteting with myself to see how much I can get at once. And when/if I can't pick big enough pieces, I will use finger nail clippers to get me a good starting point. God, that feels good to say (type).

I also pick what used to be insect bites but now have turned to open wounds that every time grow a scab, I pick them off. I also take any blackhead or pimple and dig at it, waking up everynight with blood on clothes and sheets. Earlier in the year my scalp was so bad I couldn't brush my hair without being in tears. I too would wake up to bloody matted hair.

What's really disgusting is that my 4 y/o son now thinks it's a game. He loves to go get me tissues to wipe the blood while I am picking and watching T.V. And if I am not picking (rare occurance) he tells me he wants me to start so he can help clean up. It is one thing to have to deal with it on my own but when my children get involved like that it makes me feel so ashamed.

It sure was good to let some of these things out. Please reply if you have the time.

Hi. I also have the scab picking problem! I also have my kids involved in it which makes me feel terrible!! I never realized I had this problem until I got my kids involved! I'm 28 and have been picking scabs since I was young. My mother does it too. I am on Paxil for anxiety/depression but have never told my Dr. about the scab picking because I am embarassed about it. Is it OCD, am I bi-polar? I work in veterinary medicine and I also have this "thing" about cats having clean ears. I am obsessed with cleaning cats ears! Especially with my own cats. What is up with that?
My 3 year old has bug bites on her scalp, and I started picking them! I am so horrified that I am doing this. The other day she asked me if I could pick her scabs for her! That is when I realized I have a problem that must stop! What to do though? Does medicine help? I'm so glad this board is here. I don't feel so alone with this!

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