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Hi every1! i have just registerd to this site and you all are a major inspiration 2 me! i feel when im in my worst, i am the only 1 who feels this way!My pure O strted in 2005 with a bad episode with canabis and cocaine! i am a 25 year old man and have always been very sensitive! i am very outgoing, my thoughts are the 1s which i'd say many of you have experienced! am i the only real person on this earth, did i die and am i know in a different world? am i dreaming? it is extremely upseting, i ruminate constantly even though i know the ocd wins all the time with the final answer to my unsoved question being that of doom. i am not on any medication at all but see a pycho anaylisis thearapist, i sometimes feel this is pointless as he feels the anxiety i related to my child hood and the fact i felt jelous when my sister was born,:mad:
i love the gym and feel its a great relieve from the ruminations! when i get really bad i drown myself with my favorite brew jack daniels, which i know is not right but feel it helps me rationalize things better! i am goin through a rough spell at the minute and would love some advice on how to conquer these cruel demons!

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