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... I think most people have harming thoughts about people they dont like... if you did'nt you wouldnt be human. ... (1 replies)
... mutilater or that I could actually harm myself if the thoughts don't go away. So, you make progress in one area and then start to struggle somewhere else... Man, this is tough sometimes. ... (8 replies)
... I can kind of relate to that- I'm scared of how far I would take things because I know I would take them that far, if you see what I mean? I don't know though, but that does definately seemed to be linked with OCD- because it's ilogical, because you don't want to do that so why would you do something you don't want to do? Maybe you could talk to your doctor if you're... (3 replies)

... mutilater or that I could actually harm myself if the thoughts don't go away. So, you make progress in one area and then start to struggle somewhere else... Man, this is tough sometimes. ... (3 replies)
... i wake up every days to see if the thought has passed...will new intrusive thoughts come? ... (5 replies)
... pable of violence. But that OCD voice in my head can be very strong sometimes. I had been doing quite well for a while, and really minimizing my net searches. My thoughts were calming down, and this whole suicide obsession seems to have faded. God, I hate even writing that... anyways... ... (8 replies)
... when you said that your violent thoughts included sharp objects, i could definitely relate that to me. it's always been like a sharp object of some sort included in my thoughts. ... (11 replies)
... Like you, my thoughts were of harming my family, but it was my own children. I was terrified. I didn't know if I had PPD or something else. ... (11 replies)
Sexual thoughts
Dec 22, 2006
... again, these thoughts mean NOTHING!! it's an anxiety disorder!! ... (10 replies)
... There was a program on in the background about sex and harming kids...with news breaks about Michale Jackson to boot....Since that time, my mind whirls with these things. ... (6 replies)
... I definitley have scary harmful thoughts, about harming myself and also other people. It's a common OCD symptom to have morbid obsessions. I'm assuming you are clinically diagnosed with OCD. ... (4 replies)
... A complete guide to getting well and staying well. It has a section on the family in it. Other books I'd recomend are Tourmenting Thoughts and Secret Rituals by Ian Osborn, Stop Obsessing! by Edna Foa, and Getting Control by Lee Baer. ... (8 replies)
... with harming thoughts, paxil was VERY helpful. ... (2 replies)
... I agree, the intrusive thoughts you describe are very typical OCD type intrusive thoughts. ... (6 replies)
... probably need to get on a higher dose of Zoloft. I have been battling harm OCD since July of this year. It has been HORRIBLE. My best advice is to write out your thoughts and challenge them. Ask, "What is the evidence? ... (4 replies)
... t distinguish whether this is ocd or if there is something else seriously wrong with me. When i watched the episode of Oprah they had mentioned that this man had thoughts of harming his family, so that was the first trigger. Well as they went on they also said that he was manic depressive so i put two and two together. ... (7 replies)
Intrusive thought!
Feb 22, 2013
... Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder so when you ask "is this OCD or anxiety," it really could be both. I was diagnosed with OCD and a symptom of OCD is intrusive thoughts. ... (3 replies)
... at you need to live with the uncertainty regarding your obsessions regardless of your anger. In fact you might prove to your brain that you are not afraid of the thoughts by doing exposures based on harming your child. Your Amygdala which is the fear center of your brain is sending you all this discomfort and fear. ... (5 replies)
Is it possible
Mar 30, 2004
... I went to the doctor about a week ago and she diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. NOT ocd. That in itself is really getting me scared. ... (4 replies)
OCD and anger
Jul 2, 2003
... Yes I do believe that OCD can make anger worse. I think OCD is a very frustrating disorder to have, and when I was suffering from it I felt a LOT of anger. ... (2 replies)

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