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I posted on here earlier this year about the situation with my feet (bilateral metatarsal stress fractures from no running or trauma 1.5 years ago and found out I have osteopenia). I am 32 and have religiously received enough calcium, magnesium, Vit K, Vit D daily. The fractures took 5-6 months to heal. I had some pain on and off in both feet around where the stress fractures were for a few months after. For the last 5-6 months my feet were doing pretty well.

I will mention that I am 20 weeks pregnant (yay!) and have upped my calcium and Vit D. I have only gained about 10 pounds so far. About 5 weeks ago I began experiencing a familiar achey pain as well as some muscle twitching in my right foot, this time in a new spot on the side of my first metatarsal near the 1st MTP joint. I think I had walked a grand total of 2 miles the week the pain started. I had x-rays done but the doctor couldn't see any evidence of a stress fracture. He said there could be one developing. He advised me to go back in the CAM walker for a month if it continued to cause me pain.

I have now been in the CAM walker on my right foot for 3 weeks and it does seem to have helped my pain, BUT beginning a week ago I started having the same pain in my left foot near the same spot. This is similar to what happened with my stress fractures last year. It seems as though putting too much pressure on the good foot while wearing the CAM walker causes problems.

Could this be arthritis? The less I walk the less my feet hurt, and they do feel better in the CAM walkers. I am concerned it is more stress fractures which makes me worry much more about my bones. I am also trying not to get numerous X-rays and other tests done while pregnant.

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