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[QUOTE=muslimlady]hi, I have had a hump in my upper back or lower neck for years. I take asthma meds and also had been bulimic for years. well I went to the dr to ask about my hump and she did not even touch it and just looked at it and said to not worry it is just fat accumalated there. I told her it hurts when I try to work out on the upper body( even lightly like the stair master with the arm movements like your sking..)it hurts so bad that i can not move for a day or more. She said because my fat there my muscels are weak right there. she wants me to see a phical theripst for 6 visits. What will this person do for me. and do you think I should ask the theripst what he thinks it is? would he know? can he order a bone scan on me or does my dr have to do it? I do not think she dignosed it correctly because she was so nonshalont about the whole visit. she didnt even feel it or touch it. do you think i need another recomendation? My insurance will only allow me to go to her and if i want to go to another i have to do it via her office. what should I do next? what should be my next move?

See the therapist as she recommends..the therapist will know if its fat or bone. besides if its either one you STILL need the muscle therapy.

As far as Osteoporosis is concered.. you won't see the hump it can possibly cause till it's too late for the bones anyway..Once bent they can't be straightened and it will be definately visiable that it's the spine that is bent. You easily can SEE the bent back bone area.. my mom has it. Strong back muscles do help it stay straighter longer. Take your calcium, D and mag and excerscise is about all you can do anyway..bone scan or no bone scan.

My brothers girlfriend has a HUGE fatty cyst on her upper back (hide under her long hair so you couldn't see it) that bascially looked like a hump setting there. She finally had it removed and now she has short hair!

I have Osteoporosis and a fat back. Sadly my back as well as the rest of me is fat all over.. I should get rid of it cuz it's extra weight pressure on the thinning bones.

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