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Re: Fosamax
Dec 23, 2003
[QUOTE=mjcan]This is the first time i am posting on the osteoporosis board...i have been taking fosamax for almost 4 years i take 3 tablets of os-cal with d a day...I feel like i want to stop taking the fosamax..that i have been on it too long...and want to take the oscal only...i had a carotid doppler done this morning because the dr. saw califcation of carotid arteries...i am wondering if taking fosamax this long could cause this..also can i just stop taking the fosamax or do it gradually...also the reason for the doppler was because i had a xray taken of my neck last week..because it was snapping quite often..and thats when they saw the calification in the arteries...i feel that if i ask my dr. if i can go off the fosamax..she would say no...sometimes i feel they are pushing all these rxs...any input would be helpful..thank you..[/QUOTE]

Yes, Fosamax can cause calification in many places in the body and I think you are wise to question continuing to take it. But Why does your doctor get the last word? You can state your preferences. I do it all the time, even though I'm sure my viewpoint is not always popular with my doctors. But I am the one who has to live with this body and I am the one who will suffer the repercussions if I accept carte blanche what someone else advises even if it goes against my own instincts or research.

Back to the Fosamax. I have never heard that you have to go off of it gradually. If you want some advise on alternatives I would suggest this:

1) Os-Cal is not a very effective way to get calcium. I take a liquid which is highly absorbable, but if you prefer pills I'm sure that you can find a good Cal/mag citrate combo in a health food store

2) You definitely need the Magnesium in addition to the Calcium

3) You also need to make sure that you are getting Vitamin D and Vitamin K to help assist the absorption. Many Calcium products already contain Vitamin D, but you would have to read the label and make sure. Vitamin K is inexpensive and would be purchased separately.

4) What is your age? If you are menopausal you might also consider adding natural progesterone cream to your regime

5) It is vitally important that you start, or continue, weight-bearing exercise

Wishing you all the best,


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