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Interesting fact about sodium floride. Regarding Fosamax, I wonder if the Fosamax "bone mass" eventually dissolves in the body causing some health problems. Does any body have any insights about this matter?


Bisphosphonates like Actonel and Fosamax work by slowing bone resorption in the body. At any one time, about 10% of your bone mass is being remodled. There are lots of repair microfractures, allow bones to get thicker, longer, ect. The bones store minerals that are sometimes released into to bloodstream to be used. Bones remodel at different rates...the spongy portions of your femur (inside part) may completely remodel over a few months, while the hard compact bone on the outside of a femur will never be completely remodeled.

When bones remodel, the first phase is little cells called osteoclast moving in and dissolving away a little cavity in the bone...this takes 1-3 weeks. What is left is called a resorption cavity. Next , a different type of cell call osteoblast move in and lay down new bone. This process has taked about 2-3 months. THe new bone will continue to mineralize over the next 6-12 months.

Bisphosphonates slow down the activity of the osteoclast by making them have a shorter life so they can not cause so many resorption cavities, which means they eat/dissolve away less bone which then allows you ostoblast to "catch up" and build more bone.

So, Actonel or Fosamax do not build bone mass, act as glue, put a film over the bones....the just slow down the critters that are tearing down your bones, so the other critters that are building them back up can catch up in the process. As I have said in other places....Actonel has followed patients for 7 years, Fosamax for 10 years. The first Bisphos was Didronel which is marketed in the US for Pagets disease and other countries outside the US as Didrocal for Osteo. It is taken in a cycle......not dailly or weekly as ACtonel and Fosamax...... (side note...Actonel and FOsamax are also used to treat pagets disease....Actonel 30 mg a day every day or Fosamax 40 mg every you see there are lots of patients that have been followed that were taking much larger doeses every day)

So...I ended up chasing rabbits - but to answer your question....the bisphosphonate bone build is just like normal bone build....and patients have been taking this class drugs for one disease or another for about 30 years( when didronel came out as the first Bisphos to treat pagets) Also, one good thing about bone builds from Actonel/Fosamax vs what is built from HRT or Evista....and it is that it (the increase) tends to stay in the bone longer when you quit taking it. When you quit taking HRT or Evista, there is a rapid notice in bone loss.....approx the same rate loss the first few years of menapuase.

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