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[QUOTE=GDT]I had a bone scan and I have severe osteo. I don't have much of a back problem, but my wrist hurts a lot sometimes. And I have a hard time getting up from a chair because of my thighs.

But I already take calcium and Folsmax for the passed two years (since I was put on Prednisone for a lung condition.)

So what am I supposed to do? I can't increase my Calcium. I feel like I'm supposed to just wait to fall or have a bone break.

It's scary![/QUOTE]

Hello 67 with severe osteo.

First, perhaps you can make sure the calcium you are taking is, in fact, being absorbed. There's a 24 hour urine test for that. You do it in a bottle and take it back to the lab (who usually supply the bottle!) Then you could try taking Vitamin K to help make sure the calcium you are taking is reaching your bones. I take 10 mgs but people with osteo can take more - only, however, under a doctor's supervision. And a doctor who knows about these things, since so many do not. You need a doctor who is aware of alternative/complimentary options, best one who is also conventionally trained but, if not possible, then one who is reputable.

How much calcium are you taking? I take around 1500 mgs which is the least you should be taking, and not all at once. I take mine in 3 times a day, two capsules each time. And I take a very sophisticated calcium plus, sometimes, a liquid at night if I missed taking the easy-to-swallow capsules during the day, which is often. My calcium has Vit D3 in it, important to take D3, says my rhuemie, who is into these things. It also has, of course, almost 50% magnesium and other minerals. If you are taking calcium carbonnate, I suggest you change, because this is the least effective calcium.

There's also a Vitamin D 25-hyrdroxy test to see you are absorbing the D, which is also important. Just a simple blood test you can have when your blood is next taken.

Exercise. You should be doing some weight baring exercises. Walking. Treadmill. Perhaps join a gym. Or perhaps your medicare will take care of that with a special program, for which, I think, you pay nothing.

Also, do you eat enough of the right things? Dark green veggies, sardines with bones, etc.

And, last but not least, how severe is your osteo? My doctor scared me silly, and when I took the results of my bone density test to my rheumie, he said he interpreted the results in a different way, and they are not so bad. You might also not necessarily look at the T-scores, which compare you to a 25 year old woman, but at the Z-scores, which compare you to someone your age. And look at the bone density results.

Make sure you have all your results (your legal right) and try to get the same technician to do the next scan on the same machine so you get an accurate idea. Maybe you took this latest test on a different machine?


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