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Results can vary not only between machines but also between technicians.
So, it is important, in the future to try and get hold of not just the machine
but also the same technician. Is this possible? Who knows, maybe, maybe not.
But I am now aware of it, and will try for the future, having wasted years with
different machines, and different technicians.

Also, you might want to look at the bone density and Z results, rather than the
T-results, which most doctors do, because the T-scores compare you to a 25 year
old, whereas the Z-scores compare you to someone of your own age. And the
bone density results are very important.

I took my results to a rheumatologist who said he perceived the results differently
to the way my own primary care doctor did. He said my results weren't so bad and
I didn't need to go on Fosomax, as my own doctor said I did, but which I had no
intention of doing since I have Crohn's, stomach issues and for other reasons.

Good luck. Hope your results won't be so bad. But suggest you take the calcium
anyway - with Vit D (preferably Vit D3) magnesium (at least 50%) and other minerals.
Also Vit K is good to make sure the calcium gets to the bones. You also need to
do some weight baring exercises.

And you might ask one of your doctors to check on your DHEA, and if you are, in fact,
absorbing your calcium (a 24 hour calcium urine test), if you are absorbing your
Vit D (25-Hydroxy, a blood test when they take your blood)...and eat more dark
green leafy veggies, etc. If your stomach allows it.


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