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Reporting back! I have now had a bone scan and a bone density scan...

The bone scan showed a defined stress fracture in my left tibia, as well as much bone abrasion (?) on both tibias, which the doctor called "shin splints." Healthy tibias would have appeared a uniform white/pale gray. Mine looked like someone had colored over them with black crayon, and where the stress fracture was, it was solid black. I have no idea what he meant by "shin splints" - he hurried away before I could ask him. I've had "shin splint" pain when walking before, but not within the past year. Anyway, he said the stress fracture should heal on its own. If it doesn't seem to be better in a few weeks (without special treatment), then he wants to see me again.

Today I had DEXA scans of my hip, vertebrae, and wrist. The woman let me look at some colored print-outs. They weren't bad! I saw some z and t scores, and they seemed to range from only -1.0 to -1.75ish. I assume they average all the scores together? Next week I can call my nurse and hear the final scores, and see what else I can do to increase density. I already exercise, get a lot of calcium, sunlight, and take supplements. But then I also have that family history of osteoporosis (two aunts had DEXA scores of -3), in addition to my use of prednisone and thyroid supplements, plus being a small-framed Caucasion.

I really want to treat even minor bone weakness very aggressively. I do not want a doctor to say - "oh you only have a mild case, eat more yogurt and come back again in a few years." =o) I guess that's my concern now!

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