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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][QUOTE=dee54]Gina, I have made the decision not to take Forteo at the present time because I am concerned about the black box warning and not enough clinical data. I do worry that I am making the wrong decision. I am 55 and just learned I have severe osteoporosis (t-score -3.1), but I have NEVER had a fracture :confused: When I asked my dr. why I couldn't just take a pill, he said Forteo was better for me because I am postmenopausal (hysterectomy in 1986, still have one ovary). I have degen. disc disease and have back pain on a daily basis. I wonder if the Forteo would help all this back pain. If I knew for sure it would, I would probably reconsider my decision.[/QUOTE]

Hi dee54.... I can understand your hesitation with starting Forteo. Since you have had zero fractures, it would take a lot of thought before starting on a medication with a black box warning. I am also 55 and had absolutely no symptoms of osteoporosis until my right foot started hurting for a couple of weeks, then felt a sharp pain and it fractured. Same thing with my left foot. Then I had pain in my right hip for about two weeks before it fractured. I felt that if one fracture after another was all I had to look forward to in life, I was willing to try something that has of yet, NOT caused osteosarcoma in humans. However, rats did have osteosarcoma, if I remember correctly, in about 50 percent of the young, growing test rats that were given doses of 3 to 60 times what a human receives. We never can tell on any drug what the consequences may be in the long run. I just felt that taking Forteo was the best route for me. So far, after 9 months, I have had no more fractures. I still have pain from my first fractured foot and my hip. If I would just have known that I had such bad bones, I could have started preventative steps, but I had no symptoms and never had a broken bone before. My doctor did try Actonel and Calcium w/Vit.D before starting Forteo, but I couldn't tolerate it.

I have Lupus and upon doing some research on back box warnings, I found that another drug that I have to take is Imuran, which is an immunosuppressant, also has a black box warning. The warnings on it are based on human severe adverse reactions (lymphoma for one) and not rats so that gives me more cause for concern than Forteo. I also take estrogen which I think also has a black box warning (not positive about that though).

It certainly is an individual decision that you have to make. My rheumatologist did a very complete blood work-up and did mention the black box warning before prescribing Forteo. I really didn't have to give it too much thought as I envisioned having a broken bone from turning over in bed vs taking a drug that gave a rat cancer. I just hope it helps me and all others that are taking it. There have been very good results from what I have read on the board and from info from my doctor who has other patients taking it.

I don't know if Forteo would help your degenerative disk disease. I have that also and have a lot of back pain. I do know that Forteo is suppose to help with small vertebrae fractures.

Sorry this is so long but I just wanted to let you know why I decided on Forteo. All I can say is that you are doing the right thing by getting feedback from others who are on the drug and speaking with your doctor about it. The best of luck to you in your decision. Now.....I'm off for a quick weekend trip and looking forward to getting out of this house!

(and hoping for stronger bones!) :)[/SIZE] [/FONT] [/COLOR]

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