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[QUOTE][I][SIZE=2]I have lupus and am on Forteo for osteoporosis. I've just started my 10th month and have a new lease on life :bouncing: (40th birthday next week). I just want to let everyone know the positives of Forteo far outway having to pay $850 AUS/month - no reimbursement in Oz. I haven't had 1 fracture in 9 months (after 3 years of weekly rib and feet fractures)
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Thank you sooo much for your post. It makes me feel that their is hope for us! :D I am so anxious to find out if the Forteo is helping me (I'm starting month 6). Foot fractures are painful and I still have to be very careful (not much walking right now). I have had rib pain that I felt with every breath but never had an x-ray to confirm a break. My hip fracture is healing but when my Lupus flairs, my hip pain is still very bad. How many fractures have you had? I can certainly empathize with you. Did steroids contribute to your osteoporosis? I had no problems with my bones until taking Prednisone. I had to take it though in order to live a semi-normal lifestyle. Unforunately we sometimes don't have a choice. :(

I'm very happy that Forteo is working for you.

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