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To all of you who responded to this post about pre-menopausal osteoporosis: First of all, thanks for taking the time to post; many of your thoughts are also applicable to those of us past menopause. And here's a tip: read "The Myth of Osteoporosis". The author had a teenage daughter and son who were diagnosed, and reading their stories will help you put things into perspective.

Your posts have made me wonder how many more young people with very low bone densities are out there. This also begs the question of whether this is indeed a "disease" at all. Certainly the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry would like us to believe that it is. But here's a hypothetical question: if a majority of, say, thirtysomethings had DEXA scans and 25-30% of them had osteopenia according to T-score classifications, is this indeed an "epidemic" of osteopenia or is it just that DEXAS have never before been performed on this age group and, given the diversity of body types out there, this is just a variation of "normal"? If we then extrapolate these results into the menopausal age group, taking into account that up to 20% additional BMD loss is normal during the transition......

Something to think about ;) !
I'm 40 now. When I was 38 when diagnosed with osteopenia. For about 15 years prior to that, I took consistant calcium pills and plenty of other vitamins. However, my diet consisted of lots of fruit (high in sugar), white flour products (I worked in a bakery for 10 years and had so much access), and maybe 1 serving of vegetables a day with very little pure water to drink, always juice or milk or watered down juice. However, I was always slim; I exercised consistantly and had the body type of slender. My mother has osteo.

Through my own research, I believe I made my body PH way too acidic. An acidic body does not absorb calcium very well. (And your body also needs vitamin D to absorb calcium.) This acidic state contributed to systemic candida (a whole other story) which gave me constant body aches. (This story is involved, sorry.) Anyway, after 38, and self-diagnosing candida and osteopenia as well, I completely changed the way I ate. I gave up all fruit except blueberries (which I eat daily), eliminated all white flour & sugar and anything with yeast in it. I ate (and still do) 4-5 servings of green vegetables a day (broccoli, kale, spinach), eat whole foods, nothing with preservatives, nothing processed, and started lifting heavy weights twice a week.

This past June, I went to a well known and rather famous alternative therapy doctor in New Jersey, though he's also a D.O. He tested all my hormones and vitamin levels and found I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency. So severe that I'm on 5000 mg. a day. (I retested and will find out in a couple weeks if my levels are normal now.)

I just had my 2 year DXA scan and my hips improved, but my spine got worse. I'm taking the results to the alt. doctor as well, and I'm reading The Myth of Osteoporosis. Perhaps my D deficiency was the key all this time. I will NOT, however, give in to taking any of the drugs on the market which prove very little to increase your bone strength. At only age 40, I'd be crazy to fill my body with those poisons.

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