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I would like to know if anyone is on Forteo. My endo had recommended it as I cannot take Evista or Fosamax. He has refused to let me try Actonel. I am leary of Forteo as there is a strong history of heart problems and related deaths in my family(6 deaths). One of the side effects of Forteo is listed as "heart palpatations". Somehow does not sound like something I want to try. Endo is upset about it, but hey it's my body the last I checked.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][QUOTE=Carol A]One of the side effects of Forteo is listed as "heart palpatations".


I've been on Forteo for about 6 months and the only side effects I have had is a hot flushed feeling a couple of times. I have a mild case of mitral valve prolapse and have a tendency to get heart palpitations that have lasted for weeks at a time. I've had them for years. I take Corgard but it doesn't always stop them completely. Forteo hasn't made the palpitations any worse for me. I know the side effects of Forteo are possible palpitations and dizziness. I thought that these two side effects might be caused by some people having anxiety about injecting themselves. I would ask my doctor why the Forteo might cause the palpitations and/or dizziness. [/SIZE] [/FONT]

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