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I have a similar story. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis last year (I'm in my twenties also) after having anorexia for a long time and losing my periods. I am taking Fosamax to try to improve my bones. Maybe you will consider taking that, or another medication, if your bones don't improve on their own. I hope you'll get your period back soon - I think it makes a big difference. I never got mine back, so I feel like I'll only get worse if I don't take some kind of medication for it.
You can do lots of things for your bones. Do more research in the "alternative medicine" world. Here's what I found for myself (I'm 54 and post-menopausal, with osteoporosis but no symptoms yet). Strength training makes a big improvement, and has other good benefits. Take vitamins/minerals that have Vitamin K, boron and about 10 other things that are "co-factors" for calcium (calcium alone just isn't going to to do it). Get some sunshine every day (5-20 minutes) before you put on sunscreen. Deal with depression (I recommend "Mood Cure" out of all the books I've read), other emotional issues, and adrenal exhaustion (linked to osteoporosis). Avoid milk (my mother was raised on a dairy farm and drank milk all her life and still got osteoporosis)(and there is tons of evidence against milk). Learn about other calcium sources, like salmon, sardines, sea vegetables and greens. Learn about a long-term health diet that you can live with. Research more about helping your body recover from anorexia.

I don't know why the doctor recommended against Fosamax at your age. I don't want to take any drugs, but I am investigating Fosamax, forteo and Miacalcin (calcitonin). One Web site said calcitonin seems to have the fewest side effects and has been around for years, but it only helps the spine. I took fluoride (imported from Germany by my naturapath) and my bone density improved in one year. But I quit because I got nervous about it, because there are so few studies.
Please don't be so scared - this is a good century to have osteoporosis. They can actually reverse it now, with drugs, diet, and weight-bearing exercises.

I don't know that milk and dairy products are good sources of calcium. I would consult with a nutritionist and find some better sources of calcium, such as maybe soy? Green vegetables and nuts? There is some evidence that milk does your bones more harm than good.

Remember Christopher Reeve? Rest in peace, Chris. He had major osteoporosis because of being sedentary and disabled. He was able to reverse it until his bones were as strong as a 30-year-old athlete's. There is HOPE! Don't despair. And don't kick yourself for having had anorexia. Just move forward.
for all of you who are terrified at your diagnosis. i am 37. i had anorexia from age 17-24. i had no periods for about6 years straight. in all that time, i never thought about my bones. my heart, nerves, development yes...but nobody mentioned bones. consider yourselves fortunate to know what you do now. you can actually continue to build bmd till your get to work. don't lose more ground...anorexia is not worth it. whatever you think you get, a look, control, calming...nobody but you sees it, and you will so regret it. good news for you you can still build bone naturally, ask about a phsical therapy program that teaches you bone building exercises but provides spine instruction (how to walk, stand, safe way to bend(yeah it can be done) and eat healthy. you know what that means. forget all the hype about eat all this and avoid all that. eat well balanced that is the key. anyway i wish you the best of luck and success. and fyi, i got my periods back at 26...took a while but after i broke 100lbs and stayed there a year or so they came back ireegular but there. i had a daughter. was seemingly healthy had another daughter just this march...and hello there was the osteoporosis. 4 spinal compression fractures, bmd -4.3 in spine -3.3 in hip. pain yeah, feel fragile yeah, but i carried and delivered a healthy baby thank God. Having every test in the book it seems now, guess dr's can't believe numbers so bad due to anorexia alone but we'll see. i function each day and so will well, get the spine instruction (from a source familiar with osteoporosis, unknowledgable instructors cause more harm than good), try to have a positive outlook, and pray. I hope that my next bmd will show significant improvement, if not, well i will make the most of it, many people are worse off than us. thank God for what you have, don't beat yourself up over what you have lost. best wishes and God Bless
Tarais - I am very sorry that you have osteoporosis at such at young age. However, you are still young enough to build bone if you can conquer your anorexia. I am much older than your are by about 30 years and my osteopororis is hereditary and I am also taking Calcichew (seems to be given as standard in the Uk). As I am much older than you are I have been given Fosamax (onto my third month with no side effects but not happy :eek:). If you can reach your target weight and take supplements and exercise then I am sure you will increase your bone density. I am also taking herbal supplements - initially something called Reosto and now something similar in a tincture form prescribed by an Ayurvedic practitioner. I think it may be doing something but would not recommend it to all as it has not been tested and it could be toxic for all I know. However, once you are out of hospital maybe you could consult a herbalist to see if they recommend/give you a remedy but at the moment I would stick with what the doctors say as your condition/situation is very complicated. You could try Rice Dream which is a rice milk enriched with calcium and available in Health Food shops in the UK. I wish you all the best.

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