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[QUOTE=plc]I have been recently diagnosed with osteo. My doctor started me on fosmax...Big mistake side effects were we stop that. I was told to wait 2wks and then start actonel. Well took it weekly for 2wks. no problem,then on the third week, started having stomach cramps and heartburn. My doctor told me to take tums...didn't work...I resorted to liquid antacid and took a drink every 2 hours to ease the discomfort. Now I have never had stomach problems(been lucky). I call my doctor back and asked for something else...He told me that this was a minor side effect or It may not be the drug and I may have start of something else.give it 24hrs. Well the cramps and heartburn did finally go away, In fact when it came time for the next weekly dose I skipped it...No more stomach upset,headache and fluid retention....My question is does it take time for your system to get use to this stuff. I take calcium and a mulitivit. I'm drinking milk, and eating more veg and fruit also walking 2 miles aday...I also can say I feel better then ever since I have been off of this stuff...There has to be something better???[/QUOTE]

The drugs are VERY similar in respect to side effects. Actually, there was just some information in the Wallstreet Journal from a head to head study that said the safety and tolerability of the two drugs was the same. So, if one gives you problems, the other will most likely do the same. There really isn't getting used to the drugs. Either you tolerate it oryou do not.

Options: It depends on how severe of bone loss you have had.....You can ask your doctor about IV palmidronate or zolendronate. There are two drugs in the same class as fosamax and actonel but they are done by IV so you bypass the stomach completely. There is also Forteo which is an injection. This is a different kind of drug that makes new bone as opposed to fosamax and actonel which prevent the bone from being absorbed. However, you can only take it for two years max and it does have a black box warning for ostesarcoma (bone tumors).

Good luck.

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