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[QUOTE=plc]What alternative methods have you used??[/QUOTE]

-Absorbable Calcium (I take a liquid). Many women do not easily absorb Calcium. If this is the case, whatever you take is not going to do any good if you are not absorbing it. I guess the reasons for this malabsorption vary.

-Equal or slightly higher amount of Magnesium

-Vitamin K and Vitamin D to aid w/Calcium absorption. My Vitamin D also tends to run low (per lab work) so I try to take a little extra.

-Strontium (Recently added to my regime so don't yet know if beneficial. Cannot be taken with Calcium so I take Calcium AM, Strontium PM.)

-Progesterone Cream (Natural) If you're Menopausal

-Weight bearing exercise (probably THE most important thing you can do for your bones!)

I also take other things but I think these are the essential ones for bone support.

All the best!


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