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Has anyone been successful in traveling with their Forteo pen? I have to travel for work sometimes and need to take my medicine with me. The first time I put it in an ice chest and the pen got below freezing. The next time I used the cold packs provided by the company but the pen didn't stay cold enough for 2-3 hours like it said in the instructions. It's frustrating and I can't keep skipping my medicine every time I have to travel.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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I freeze the cold packs just until they are "slushy" and pliable enough to fit in the compartments of the cosmetic type travel bag provided in the start-up kit. I have found that this keeps the pen cold for 3 to 4 hours. I'm surprised that the pen got too cold in an ice chest because mine arrives from my mail-order pharmacy in an ice chest with frozen ice packs. Have you tried placing the pen inside the travel bag (no cold packs) and then putting the bag in the ice chest with ice or frozen cold packs? The insulation in the bag would probably keep it from getting too cold.

I know how much of a hassle it is to travel with the pen, especially for long distances. So far, I've only missed two doses in the 10 months I've been taking Forteo. Both times, I waited later than usual to give the shot and fell asleep.....completely forgot about it.

I'm sure someone else will have more suggestions.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I know the cold packs say not to freeze them but how can a 40 degree cold pack stay cool enough for 3 or 4 hours. So I'll try that. Do you all use thermometers inside the travel bag to make sure it's between the correct range? I'll get a refrigerator provided at the hotels.
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I have to say that I didn't use a thermometer to make sure my Forteo pen was in the correct range but I knew it definitely wasn't freezing and it was cold. Seems like I've felt the temperature of the pen so many times when it comes right out of the refrigerator that I can tell if it feels right. I know that's not the proper way and I should probably put a thermometer in the forteo travel bag to be on the safe side.

You are right about the cold packs. There's NO way a 40 degree cold pack will stay cool for any length of time. I save up all the gel packs that my mail order Forteo is packed in when delivered. I've built up quite a stock of them. I keep these frozen all the time and keep the styrofoam box also. If I have to leave in a hurry, I just throw some frozen gel packs in the styrofoam container, put the pen in the travel bag and I'm on my way. Like I said before, I also put the partially frozen packets in the zipper compartment of the travel bag too. The travel bag w/ice pack works fine for short distances. For longer distances, I use the styrofoam container.

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"I freeze the cold packs just until they are "slushy" and pliable enough to fit in the compartments of the cosmetic type travel bag provided in the start-up kit. I have found that this keeps the pen cold for 3 to 4 hours."

Hi, I am brand new to Forteo -- just started this week -- and grateful to find information on living with this medication. I have to travel for a few hours in a few weeks and called Forteo's customer assistance number. They said to put the cosmetic case the pen came in (I just assumed with the gel packs inserted but maybe this is wrong) into an insulated chest or lunch bag. The rep said to fill ziploc baggies with ice cubes. If the cubes start to melt, dump the water and refill with fresh ice. She said this would work even on a long plane trip.

I hadn't considered that maybe the pen would get too cold. I've kept it refrigerated but didn't measure the temperature in my refrigerator. I guess I should do that too.
I would buy a thermometer--I use one all the time and put it in the refrigerator by the pen. I leave it in the box also so I don't drop something on it and break the glass. Yes you put the pen in the travel case with the gel packs. I tried to put a small thermometer in there but it didn't work very good. It's assumed by the printed information that that's all you need to do is use the travel bag but I think the customer serviced person is correct that then the whole thing needs to be put into an ice chest with ice. I guess it depends on your outside temperature and how long you'll not have a refrigerator. I use small gel packs that are frozen because it's much less messy than icd and you can refreeze them when you get to your destination.I wouldn't have the ice or frozen gel pack touching the pen or it might freeze.
I have to travel next week but it's by car so I can take a small ice chest. I wonder if the airlines would let you put your pen in their referigerators after they serveed the food and have room. I'm going to ask when I fly next time.
[QUOTE=taape]Thanks for the suggestions. I know the cold packs say not to freeze them but how can a 40 degree cold pack stay cool enough for 3 or 4 hours. So I'll try that. Do you all use thermometers inside the travel bag to make sure it's between the correct range? I'll get a refrigerator provided at the hotels.[/QUOTE]

I just had to be away for a few days. I put the travel pack with the cold packs into my insulated bag along with some frozen packs and everything stayed quite cold for the seven hours or so that I was traveling. I told the hotel I needed to keep a medicine refrigerated and they put a small dorm-type refrigerator in the room. That was great. I wasn't sure what I would do if they didn't have the refrigerator. Anyway, I didn't have to miss any doses, so I was pleased.
That great you traveled with the Forteo ok. I finally figured out a system also for longer travel than the package says on the travel kit. In the future I'm going to take the Forteo using the styrofoam ice chest, cold packs, and packaging that was sent to me from the pharmacy. It's kind of large but as long as I don't have to carry it on public transportation I'm ok. The pen has to be put back into the box it came in rather than in the travel kit.
I just returned from a trip involving travel by plane. It was about twelve hours from the time I left my house until I got to my destination due to changing planes. I put the Forteo pen in the travel pack that came in the startup kit with the two refrigerated gel packs. I then put that in an insulated lunch bag with ice packs on each side of the travel pack. It stayed cold until I got to my destination. I carried it in my carryon luggage. I also included a few needles and alcohol wipes in case my luggage was delayed or lost. I had no trouble getting through security with the needles. I have not used a thermometer, although I suppose it is a good idea. I felt comfortable that the Forteo was cold enough and it did not freeze. I will be taking a lengthy road trip in August which will present a new challenge.
I would want to keep it with me anyways as its irreplacable while on a trip away from home. When I travel with the pen I use a thermometer just to make sure the pen doesn't get too warm.
I use a thermometer in my refirgerator all the time. I also use it when I travel because hotel refrigerators especially the dinky ones can freeze your food or the pen even when it's on a bottom shelf.
Has anyone tried Medicool's ProtectAll with the Blue Plastic Cooler insert?? On the Medicool website it is recommended for the Forteo Pen and supposedly keeps it cool for 8 hours. This product was originally produced for diabetic medicine, although the diabetics use a different insert because it doesn't have to be kept as cold as the Forteo. I'm heading on a trip and the plane travel time is 11hours plus 4 more hours for just getting too and from the airport. The airlines ticketing personel will not commit to whether or not we can use the refrigeration system. I'm thinking of keeping a second little cooler with a little dry ice, which would allow me to keep a second ProtectAll insert frozen. Again has anyone used this Medicool ProtectAll system?
[QUOTE=PatNJ]All right, ladies, I'm leaving on Tuesday (returning the following Monday) for a four-hour car trip to see my family for my ::gasps:: 50th birthday. I want to use the styrofoam chest that the pens came in. (I stupidly threw out the packing paper, but I saved the two Polar Packs, which I put in the freezer last night. I was thinking about using crumpled up plastic grocery bags in lieu of the paper.)

Any suggestions on what to do from there?


I don't get my Forteo in a syrofoam chest, just a cardboard box in which is an insulated thick plastic bag that has one or two polar packs in with the pen. I've kept all my polar packs but have thrown out the insulated plastic bag thingie. I bought a 12 can size insulated bag that has enough room for a few polar packs and the pen in the dorky travel kit. I travelled from NYC to Washington DC by train and then some and the polar packs stayed pretty frozen and the pen stayed nice and cold. I think it was good for at least 8 to 10 hours because the polar packs had barely started to defrost after about 6 hours. I also travelled to Lake George - about a five hour trip and everything was fine. The syrofoam chest should be just as good if not better than the insulated bag. You'll be fine.

Have a great birthday (and stop gasping). A lot of us are older than you are ;)
Here is an option for car travel (this unit has an AC plug for hotel rooms etc. and DC plug -for th car)

BeBe Sounds refrigerator [URL][/URL]

It will keep items at 41 degrees no matter what the ambient temperature is.

I ordered one ...I'll keep this forum posted
:) I have used the medicooler for trips in the United States. It is available on sites that sell travel coolers for diabetics.The medicooler is designed for pen devices and the Forteo stays cool for about 10 hours. I am about to travel to Germany and that may not be long enough. I may try a thermos or the other suggestions I read for the longer trip.

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