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I have also been prescribed Forteo but waiting to have my next dexa-scan before starting. My endo. said that they may put me on fosomax after a year to maintain bone that has been gained. I also had terrible joint pain from this drug but I would reconsider trying this as I do believe that forteo is the only real bone building drug on the market right now. I have had two thoracic fractures so I feel this is a real risk for me and everyone needs to weigh their risk factors. I was also told that I may take Forteo 3 months on, three months off, a new treatment option they are looking at. Possibly less risky and possibly the same results. I go to a big medical center and they are up on all the new treatment options (I hope). Anyway, I am applying for the assistance program from Lily as I cannot afford the drug and my insurance will not cover my osteo. If I don't qualify, no Forteo as I heard it is about $1000./month. I did ask if anyone has had osteosarcoma from taking Forteo and fortunately no one yet but it is has not been out that long and I do not know the exact statistics. I do feel every drug is a risk, especially the new ones and we all have to do what we feel is right, hopefully with good guidance from our docs. For those on Forteo now, did you have to have bloodwork six weeks after you started and on a regular basis after that? Thanks.......

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