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I'm a 31 year old diagnosed with mild osteopenia about 18 months ago (I also have Celiac Disease) and I was wondering how many of you also have severe low back pain with this. I assumed osteopenia couldn't cause actual pain, but I have trouble walking and can't be on my feet for more than 15 mins. at a time without having to stop and rest due to tightness and pain in the S.I. Joint area (very low back.) Anyone else have this experience?
Hi Gillian,
I'm 31 also and have just recently been diagnosed with osteoprosis in spine and osteopenia in hip. However I suffer from very bad back pain too even though all my doctors and specialists tell me you shouldn't have any pain with osteoporosis. A bone condition that causes pain is ostemalicia - soft bones rather than brittle. I'm still in stages of getting blood tests etc. for it as they thought my osteo would be caused by Celiac due to mal absorption of vitamins etc. Seems that if you have been diagnosed with osteo at a young age then its more likely to have been caused by another disease and then is called secondary osteoporosis. Is quiet common with people with celiac and other similar diseases for be at risk of osteoporosis.
Unfortunaltely we have been unable to determine what caused osteo for me so far have had x-rays and lots of blood tests but only one test showed anything up - very low levels of vit. d which could have caused the osteoprosis and may indicate the other disease I mentioned ostemalicia and explain my back pain. However I'm still waiting for more tests done and a second opinion. Other research I've read says low levels of vit D can cause aches and pains but if you have pain I'd recommend you have x-rays etc. to rule out any other issues that may be with your back.
Best of luck :-)

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