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[QUOTE=Linni]I'm wondering if anyone has succesfully improved their bone density scores by diet (which would include calcium tablets) and exercise alone. Have any of you been able to do this? I really want to know if it's even possible.


Mine increased after following an alternative regime. This included liquid calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and K and Natural Progesterone cream. After I'm through w/my present bottle of calcium I plan to try EZorb Calcium, which has been mentioned on this board. I have been reading about it and it sparks my interest. I will also separate my calcium intake from magnesium, as suggested by another board member here.

In addition to the above, I do weight-bearing exercise. The problem for me is that I have an illness for which one of the symptoms is exercise intolerance, so I have to limit myself by necessity. I used to be a dancer and a serious runner, but anything aerobic tends to bring on a "flare" of my illness. However, I do what I can - go to the gym when I'm feeling well, but only for 20 minutes at a stretch. When I'm not feeling well I still try to get in some type of exercise, home weights, etc. that will not exacerbate the illness, even if I have to do it lying down. I mention this because so many on this board have also reported having other illnesses. Whatever it is one is dealing with, I think it is vitally important that some type of weight-bearing exercise be done on a regular basis. I truly believe that were I able to exercise as I used to I would not have osteoporosis. Mine developed [I]after[/I] a few years with this illness and my inability to exercise. So for those of you not dealing with any other condition, I would highly recommend a serious exercise program, even above any supplements you are taking.


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