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I get mine from Longs Pharmacy but I think they might have to special order them. I got the correct size needles from the hospital pharmacy also. You do want the short pen needles. I have Novofine 30 --30 guage x 1/3" (8mm) which is acceptable to use per Eli Lilly. The ones I usually use are BD Ultra-fine short pen needles31 g x 5/16" (8mm). Ask your Pharmacy to special order for you.
Just reading your post about the 5/16" needles made me feel faint! I'm sure Forteo and I would not be happening if the needles were 5/16." Before I ever went to the doctor, I had already read about Forteo on the web and had read it was a pen with a very small needle. Otherwise, I would have told the doctor from the getgo that we would have to go with Fosamax. As it is, I was kind of expecting an even shorter needle, sort of the length of the pen tip of a ball point pen (I took that "pen thing" fairly literally). I'm just glad I was able to make myself do this. I think the 3/16" needles are my pinnacle. I'm glad you were able to find them.
[QUOTE=taape]I just reread the posts - so you guys are using 3/16" needles. Does it say how many Milimeters that is? I don't feel like 5/16" needles (8mm) are very long as it's less than 1/2". I never got a starter kit and when I called the Forteo line they told me to use the size I have. My question and concern was about the diameter or thickness of the needles whether to get 31 guage or 30 guage because the larger one seemed to cause more pain/bruising. They recommended the large diameter and said that the smaller diameter failed more often because there wasn't enough room to bring the fluid down to the end of the needle and some medicine would be wasted. I paid for both so will eventually use both sizes.[/QUOTE]

My needles are 5mm. They are the same as the ones that came with the starter kit. It's surprising that the Forteo line rep would express concern about a 31 gauge needle when they come in the starter kit. I obviously can only see the medicine coming out when I prime the pen, but it's always come out in a nice stream. Also, the pen ran out at about 28-29 days, like it's supposed to, so I guess the medicine is all being injected. One of the printed messages on the needle box states, "Today's insulin needle is thinner and more delicate for greater comfort, so needle reuse can damage the tip and cause injury. Use only once and destroy."

I guess reusing a fine-gauge needle could be a problem if the delicate tip has been worn down, but I assume all of us were instructed never to reuse needles. My pharmacy sent me a 100 needle box with my first order of Forteo, so I won't have to order them until I'm on my third pen.

I suppose if you're not a needlephobe, the extra eighth inch shouldn't be a big deal. Maybe now that I'm used to 5mm I could manage 8mm if I had to, but I think seeing the 8mm needle to start with would have been daunting.
I too am surprised that Forteo would recommend the bigger needles since the starter kit I got contained 3/16" 31 gauge needles. My doctor had prescribed 29 guage needles (I'm not sure what the length was) but I did not take them as there were enough needles in the starter kit to last the 28 days for the first pen. And, of course, at that time I didn't know for sure if I would be staying on the Forteo. Also, since I am also a needlephobe, I figured the smaller the needle the better. I have just started my second pen and went for a blood test on Friday. I haven't gotten the results back from that as yet; however, I've had no problems with the Forteo so far and I feel fine, so I'm assuming I'll be on it for the long haul. My pharmacy (Walgreen's) carries the 3/16" 31 gauge needles so I was able to get them. I can get another refill on the Forteo there and then my insurance requires that I get it through their mailorder pharmacy. I understand they will supply needles and alcohol wipes at no extra charge; I just hope it will be the small needles. Does anyone know why they say to stop using the pen after 28 days when there is obviously another dose or possibly two left in it?
[QUOTE=newbones] Does anyone know why they say to stop using the pen after 28 days when there is obviously another dose or possibly two left in it?[/QUOTE]

My doctor said the pen could really be used for more than 28 days, but that the trials in Germany used the pen for 28 days and the drug couldn't be marketed there unless there was a 28 day limit on the pen, so it's that way everywhere. I used the extra dose in my first pen to inject in the air to see how much drug actually came out on the real dose as opposed to the prime dose. It really was more than I expected. There may have been enough for another dose in there but I think I'll just be a good girl and follow directions and dispose of it after 28 doses. My doctor also said you could really inject anywhere (except, obviously, the eye) and that the thigh and abdomen were used in the trials. I'm sticking to those locations anyway, not being particularly the rebellious type :)
The medication is so expensive you would think you could use it until it's gone. I was also wondering why the pen is to be used only 28 days then thrown out with medicine still in there. I was thinking maybe the perservative in the medicine only lasted that long or having it in and out of the refrigerator with temperature changes it was only guaranteed to last for 28 days. Anyways, it allows for any days when you make a mistake and need to try again.
I'm thinking that since the black box warning and the two year limit have me just a little spooked, I'm not going to take an extra dose of every pen for two years, because twenty four extra doses is like being on the drug for an extra month and that's not recommended.

I don't seriously think that if there's no cancer after 24 months, an extra month would make the difference, but I guess I don't want to test it out. I'm glad to have this drug to take, but I'll also be glad when I'm finished with it. 2 1/2 months down, 21 1/2 months to go.

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