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Good advice Marie -

Well, I started a long posting, and then somehow lost it! (So if this comes thru twice I apologize!) Quite maddening- these computers - so I'll try again. I totally agree with you Marie, I will never take another bone med. I was on Fosamax 2.5 years. Prior to that I ran 2-3 miles every day and was quite active - lifted weights etc. I used to quite regularly run - and sometimes win - 10 K races. So, you can imagine how STUNNED I was to be diagnosed with osteoporosis. The diagnosis was made on the strength of a Bone density test. I haven't broken any bones in 20 years.

Well, after about a year of taking Fosamax 70 mgs once a week with water I began to notice that my leg muscles hurt when I had to stand for any length of time (like in a grocery store line). I just chalked it up to me getting older (I'm 55). But the pains worsenend. I went to massage therapy and it baffled her - the pain I was in. Long about year 1.5 I had to hang up my running shoes and just walk instead. But all this time I never dreamed it had anything to do with the Fosamax.

After 2.5 years a bone density test revealed that my bones were WORSE. It was then that I began researching Fosamax and Osteoporosis and anything I could find. It was then that I learend about this group. I found out that sometimes Fosamax causes musle pains in the legs. And also that it has a half-life of years. I have been off the drug for five months and still have painful legs. I just got home from walking around the mall with my husband, and my legs hurt so bad, I had to sit down a couple of times in the mall.

Sometimes the pains are in the back of my thighs, sometimes in my calves, sometimes in my feet. I feel it's the Fosamax because prior to taking the drug I had nothing like this.

I have bought and read THE MYTH OF OSTEOPOROSIS and found it quite helpful, especially the chapter entitled 'Living with Low Bone Density.' She explains that low bone density is merely a risk factor for the disease of osteoporosis, much like smoking it, or being petite and thin. But it doesn't necesarrily mean that you have it.

I am outraged and angered by this drug and won't take it again. My regimen now consists of calcium & D and Magnesium, walking, and weights - and generally eating healthy.


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