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Re: I Am Only 31!!
Jul 1, 2005
:) The doctor said i have severe osteoporosis. My hips appear to be ok. Can i take fosomax and still complete the fusion in my neck?? I heard something somewhere that fosomax will make healing harder. I am not sure about the truth of that. My doctor said the fracture in my T3 was old and healed, but i have severe pain in between my shoulder blades and a hump on the lower back of my neck. My collarbone on the left side (the side of my weakness and pain in my arm) is bowed out and there are constant muscle spasms in my arm and left side of my shoulder and neck. The collar bone issue was present before my surgery and i thought it would go away after, it did not. It is VERY swollen above the collarbone and my physical therapist said my collarbone was malaligned?? I pointed out that it crackles and pops when i move it forward at all, he said to wear a sling? I do not see my doctor until August, and the pain in my neck is getting worse more than not. More bad days than good lately. When i went for my 6 week check up he said it looked fine on the xrays. Would a failed fusion show up on an xray this soon, or was he implying that the hardware was still in place (cage, screws, and plate)?? Thanks for any help. :)

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