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Vibration therapy
Jun 2, 2005
Has anyone tried "vibration therapy" for osteoporosis?

I have been reading about vigration helping bones to strengthen the same as exercise does.

Found one on internet called "Power Plate", very expensive but if it really works would be worth it.

Apparently some therapy places use the vibration therapy.

I am still suffering side effects and allergic reactions to Actonel even tho I stopped back about April 25. Actonel literally poisoned my whole body. The pain in feet is still severe and have no idea how long it will last. Sure hope it is not forever. Still hurt all over and the acid reflux is only a little better. Wish I had known more about this type med before taking it for 6 weeks, once a week.

I just recently read about the vibration therapy on an osteoporosis group e-mail list. The person mentioning it was doing really well w/it but she, of course, was also on calcium supplements, etc. but NOT taking Actonel/Fosamax or Forteo. I don't remember her full regimen of meds and exercise.
I just happened on some information on vibration therapy today regarding the device known as the "Power-Plate", supposedly in use over the last 5 years, saying it has become a vital part of rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, fitness centers, resorts and beauty institutes.

The claims are that it builds up bone mineral density and is a good remedy for Osteoporosis. It also supposedly enhances pain reduction, accelerates weight loss, reduces cellulite, improves collagen production, reduces lower back pain and rehabilitates injuries and ailments. Also builds up muscle strength and performance, eliminates stress and enhances critical blood flow throughout the body and increases the oxygen consumption content in the body by up to 400%.

The claim is that 10 Minutes of exercise is all you need to allocate to enjoy the maximum result in the least amount of time.

What's the old saying? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. On the other hand, I did find one abstract at PubMed about vibration therapy which was just to determine the scale of comfort for what they referred to as the Power Spectrum Density. The subjects sat on a flat, horizontal metal plate mounted directly on the vibrator and were exposed to vertical vibrations before being asked to choose a numerical category to best indicate their perceived level of comfort (or otherwise) during each stimulus. PMID: 15732327 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Has anyone actually encountered a gym or rehabilitation program or physical therapy clinic that utilizes vibration therapy?? Pardon my skepticism but like I said: if it sounds too good to be true .... it just sounds toooooo easy. Only 10 minutes a day???
Interesting thought, Marie!!! :)

Actually, my Endo wasn't too impressed at this point. He said it looked like it might be promising for reducing or preventing further bone loss but none of the medical abstracts saw any benefit for bone growth with vibration therapy. Of course, I don't see too much interest in this by the medical companies since drugs are much more financially beneficial to them than some machine with a decently long life, especially given the cost of good clinical trials to establish results that would satisfy FDA, etc.

However, all of our osteoporosis meds whether bisphosphonate or PTH type have had their good results in clinical trials which have included calcium and vitamin D supplementation. The calcium supplementation is the one thing I "can't" do, unfortunately. I mean Viactiv would be so simple for me instead of those big horse pills. Sigh. So I'd be willing to spend the $75 initiation fee and $40 monthly fee to some gym/physical training joint IF they offered vibration therapy. But no one in this area - so far - even knows what the devil I am talking about. So I can't say I am any too impressed with the Power Plate claims of being a vital part of rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, fitness centers, resorts and beauty institutes. Certainly NOT in MY area of Michigan!

So I'm back to considering taking the risk of trying to balance "some" calcium with "some" magesium WITHOUT upsetting my Crohn's disease applecart. I'm at the very least in symptomatic remission if not full remission with this Crohn's and I intend to stay there if at all possible. One battle almost "down" and now I feel I can spend more time educating myself and trying to "beat" the osteoporosis "battle" as well.


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