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Thank you for your enouraging reply. I think that makes sense that my bones are not 88 really, as I am in my fifties and so far have no fractures. I need to hear good news like that. That is wonderful that both you and your husband have a good medical plan. I am you see, single, long time ago divorced and have only a retired teacher medical plan which only covers maximum 2000 dollars per year in drug costs. I used to have a plan when teaching that covered 95 percent of whatever prescription was needed. I had that plan all my career but of course hardly ever needed anything except maybe the odd time an antibitotic for something fairly small (kids coughing on you in teaching you know ...)So never used that wonderful plan much at all in 33 years. So now I retire early to enjoy life, maybe play a little golf , ski etc with my friends and then this news. Sort of a surprise I must say. No skiing, no golf, in fact my doctor said not even any cross country skiing, no skating either he said. So I think all he said " walk, do weights, and do not fall" All my friends look at me and think I am a bit too cautious but I know that is what my doctor said. I waited until this age to have fun you see, always working so hard on my career, and I suppose I have to turn my lfie around now to let go of my dreams. That is likely why I am a bit down. I have no family left, and just a boyfriend who has a very nice drug plan ( a boyfriend of 12 years) he has a great drug plan (95 percent paid) like my past drug plan. This boyfriend said " well, I guess you have a lot to deal with" and that is that. So you see, Spinewhine, and friends out there, I guess this is a bit of the grief response not all about my spine. Sometimes the challenge of letting go of ones dreams, ones parnter, ones lifeplan, and then finding new directions (and of course finding the 24,000 dollars too ) can be a bit challenging. But the good part, is that I am finding new friends like you people out there, and I am quite a poltical advocate now for the rights of people with Osteroporsois who need Forteo and cannot pay that exhoribitant amount. I will tell you that I have taken up the cause for all those in the same financial plight as me, as I intend to lobby very hard for all of us. So perhaps that is my purpose eh. Sort of an Erin Brockovich of Osteo. I feel the system is not fair to us with Osteo and smacks of Ageism. So, I have lots of work to do politically to make it more just for those like me, and I will be working very hard on this cause, as there are others like me needing Forteo in Canada and we cannot afford it, so you see, I will of course be very busy on this cause. Anyone with the same fininacial challenges in affording Forteo in Canada please tell the Osteoporosis of Canada Assoicaition ...tell them you need help with financing and maybe they will join hands to lobby with me for more fairness with this. So, Spinewhine and you all, thanks for any advice and any encouragment for this really makes a difference for me. I do miss my family I must tell you, so your advice really is great. Best wishes to you all out there, and SpineWhine thank you for telling me that my bones are younger than I thought. I get it, and it makes sense to me. Any comments are so welcome and make a big difference. Bye y'all and Happy Hallowe'en. ps on a good note I really have fun with costumes and have a bit of an artistic/drama side so that is nice too. :wave:

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