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I've been on Forteo for four months now. I started giving myself the injections on my upper thigh because the abdomen sounded yucky -- like it would be more tender. After reading posts here that the abdomen was better, I tried the abdomen and pretty much stayed there. Then, one day, I saw a row of little black and blue bruises across by abdomen and decided it was time for some variation. I went for the softer skin on the inner thigh, to avoid going into muscle. That was OK. Whether it's the abdomen or thigh, sometimes it hurts and sometimes I hardly feel it. I guess it just depends on where there are more nerve endings. Sometimes, when I feel I'm going into a spot that hurts and I haven't injected yet, I just move to a different spot. I ease the needle in rather than jab. If it goes in easy, that's where I stay.

The literature with the pen said to use the thigh or abdomen. My doctor told me that anyplace would really be fine -- it's just that the thigh and abdomen were used in the clinical trials. I'm sticking with the literature though.

My doctor sent me for blood/urine labs after 3 months and then said to do them again in another 3 months. I called for the results and got a call back from the nurse or officer manager or whatever, who left a message that the results were "perfect." Of course, I don't know what that means. Anyway, I'm continuing as before and will do follow up tests in another two months.

My doctor said not to have another bone scan for about 18 months after the one I got in December that resulted in my finding out that I have this disease. He said Forteo works slowly and the results won't show before that. Others on this board have gotten different information and have had follow up bone density tests much sooner. Since your insurance doesn't pay, I guess there's no reason to rush for more tests than necessary.

Why doesn't your insurance cover osteo? Seems like a genuine enough disease to those of us battliing it.
Like you, I have been on Forteo for three months and have finally gotten pretty comfortable giving myself an injection. I have only used my thighs so far. Several people on this board have said that they like the stomach better, but I have not been able to bring myself to inject there as yet; it just seems to me that it would be more tender. I try to use a different leg each time and pinch the skin up and put the needle in, gently not stab. Sometimes it does hurt a little and other times it doesn't. I don't know why that is. A few times I have drawn a little blood and a couple of times I have gotten a bruise. I, too, hate having to take medicines, but I don't want to end up a crippled old lady, so I'm hoping this was the right decision.
I had blood work done at the end of the first month; my doctor hasn't said when I need to have it done again. I can emphasize with you about the insurance. My husband was laid off for about two years. After Cobra, we tried to get some insurance. They turned me down when they found out I had osteoporosis. Fortunately, my husband got a job and we have coverage again. If not, I probably wouldn't be on Forteo.

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