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My Doctor just recently prescribed Forteo. I was unable to start taking it as my health insurance would not pay any part of it and the cost was $700 for 4 doses. I tried to take Fosamax and it felt like it was going to destroy my stomach. Does anyone think the price of Forteo will go down in the future?
Hi, BobbyJo,

Welcome to our group! :wave: I'm fairly new here, but I already feel quite at home! Some of us are on Forteo, but others are not, and this site is a great source of info about osteoporosis in general.

Do you mind telling us what your lowest T-score is? Is osteoporosis a fairly new diagnosis for you, or had you been treated and/or monitored for a while before your doctor recommended Forteo? Do you have any preexisting conditions, such as parathyroid problems or prolonged use of prednisone, that contributed to your developing the condition?

Why is your insurance company refusing to cover the cost of it?

I'm sorry to be bombarding you with a lot of questions, but the more we know about your situation, the more we may be able to help you, one way or another.

Bobby Jo,
Welcome to the club! PatNJ had some good points and questions. You can find a lot of information on these boards about osteoporosis, Forteo, etc.

I am currently on Forteo and it seems to be going well; at least I'm not having any adverse side effects. I guess it will be a while before I find out if it is doing any good. Hopefully, it will. Fortunately, my insurance covers most of it. The total cost is about $700.00 for a 28-day supply (I wondered about your statement that it would cost you $700.00 for 4 doses). There are programs to help those who don't have insurance coverage and/or cannot afford it; perhaps your doctor is aware of these. Eli Lilly has a customer care program for this purpose. I don't have their number handy, but I believe you can probably find it on one of the threads here; I think there is one that deals with the price of Forteo.

Again, welcome aboard and I wish you the best.

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