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My elderly mother is "not into" going to Dr's and finding out what is actually wrong with her.
Her spine resembles and "S" curve and she has the horrid upper back hump.
Her ankles are totally deteriorated and she braces she can wear but finds painful so she seldom does.
ALL that and she has never had a spine Xray or MRI..
no Dr has ever told her she has osteoporosis or even arthritis.
BUT she has had both knees replaced.
Well, she said, they were just crumbles and she couldn't walk on them.
Asking a DR Why never dawns on her.

She had the first knee completely replaced when she was 64.
I lived in another state then and did not see her till she was home again and walking in her normal way. She had stayed a month in rehab before coming home cuz she has to be able to climb 13 stairs to get into her apartment.

A couple years ago at age 76 she had the other knee completely replaced. This time recuperation was HARD. She spend 2 weeks in hospital rehab and then 8 weeks in a nurseing home rehab before she could come home. Even then Home Nurseing care came and checked on her for a while. Her energy never has returned.

She agrees that her energy has never returned after this last surgery.. it is just plain hard on the whole body as you reach and older age. BTW she is aperson with NO blood pressure, cholestrol, vscular, heart, or lung problems. She eats VERY healthy and has never drank or smoked. I consider her a bit of ahealth nut;)
All that going for her and still recovery was very very hard at 76.

My experience of watching what she went through sure makes me dread when mine need done because I'm no way near the health nut that she is!
:p I'm sure I'll be a mess, but mine thankfully don't need done yet.. though I do have osteoarthritis in them.

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