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Thank you very much.
I believe you put Forteo into the correct perspective for all of us. I broke ribs, and severe tail bone break, and 2 vertibrae are compress fractured right now, so I know what the pain of this is all about.
As a 53 year old male, I have lost 2", and have a slight upper back / neck hump, and my head is hard to hold straight, eyes up front. I don't want to get worst, and be looking at peoples feet the rest of my life.
I have seen an improvement with 2 years on Fosomax, but if I all of a sudden slide down the T score scale, I have no problems taking Forteo.
If you have never ever had a breakage, its hard to justify in your mind to take Forteo.

Pain is a wonderful teacher / convincer.[/QUOTE]

I'm very glad to hear that you had success with Fosamax. My doctor thought Fosamax a safe and good option for hanging onto one's bone density, but not for getting significant gains. Our plan is for me to go on Fosamax after the two year period on Forteo. I hope I can tolerate it because so many on this board have had problems with it -- but that's a long way off. For now, I just want to continue with Forteo and hopefully not regret that choice.

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