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i'm really curious about how all of you managed to get around the warnings... what pushed you over the fear of the osteosarcoma???
[QUOTE=imlb2]i'm really curious about how all of you managed to get around the warnings... what pushed you over the fear of the osteosarcoma???[/QUOTE]

Well, for one thing, the fear of getting compression fractures and being all hunched over and in pain, or of breaking my hip -- if it could otherwise be avoided -- pushed me over.

Obviously, if I develop a BAD side effect from this drug, I'll really regret taking it, but I also thought, what if ten years down the line this is the front line treatment established to be safe and I didn't take it and was suffering when that didn't have to be. I think life is filled with "the road not taken" choices. You have to do the research, take a huge gulp, and follow your instincts.

My doctor told me that Forteo had been tested in larger mammals without the increased osteosarcoma results -- it only showed up in rats, whose bones, unlike humans, continue to grow throughout their lives. Plus, they got pretty large doses too.

I must say, I hadn't read "The Myth of Osteoporosis" by Gillian Samson at that time -- a book recommended by people on this board. You should read it before deciding on a drug. The author makes a strong case for the position that osteoporosis and low bone density are not necessarily the same thing and that having low bone density doesn't necessarily mean you will develop fragility fractures. The author's family members all have low bone density and apparently are doing fine without medication.

It's good food for thought.

My endocrinologist was recommended by my gynecologist, who I trust. The endo was written up in New York Magazine's issue devoted to the best doctors in NYC as one of the best endos, so I that gave me some additional reason to believe he's pretty well regarded. I don't think he's just trying to make money for the drug industry. I think he's seen success with Forteo in terms of building bone density and it just seemed to make sense to take advantage of the only drug that appears to actually build bone. I also have good insurance so the drug is costing me very little, although it is ridiculously expensive if you have no coverage.

I don't know anyone outside of cyberspace on the drug, so these boards have been a blessing. There are so many people here taking it, so we all get the benefit of everyone else's doctor's input and research as well.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer that the medicine helps and doesn't do me any harm.
I decided to take it because I need back surgery which I can't get until my bone density improves. Plus, I can't tolerate the biophosphates and this seemed like a good solution to that problem. I'm going to ask for a bone scan though just to see if there's any indication of osteosarcoma. I know one person who is also on Forteo that I speak with on the phone. That individual also was in the same situation as me, needing surgery and decided that this treatment would accelerate bone growth.

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