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Very good point, Chronie. The difference in spinal BMD is way too close to call. Point seven percent (6.1 vs 5.4) could be attributed to the skill of the technician performing the follow-up DEXA tests. The last time I had my bone density scan done, the tech told me that it's not an exact science, that he could get different readings for the same patient on the same day.
Well, to be fair, this was a different facility from the one I used for my three other DEXA's ("thanks" to a change in our ins. plan.) To my eye, and based on the amount of time the tech spent on me, it was a less expensive, older model than the one that had tested me previously. I know that it did not take the lateral view of my spine, which the other one did, nor did the machine rotate completely around my body, as had the other one. (Duh, I guess that's why I didn't have the lateral view! :rolleyes: )

Perhaps with outdated equipment, such huge variations in readings are the [B]norm[/B]! Oh, and the tech himself didn't seem to know what he was doing. On my three previous scans, the tech spent a lot of time positioning my body just so, especially during the dreaded turning in of the left foot for the hip scan.

Scary, though, as you said. I have been concerned that my latest lumbar spine score of -3.1 could be way off, and maybe I shouldn't even be on Forteo! But I can't afford to pay for the test out of pocket to have it done at the original place, so I guess I'm stuck.
Have you checked the cost of a DEXA scan? You know, I was seriously considering paying myself to have one done at my "usual" place after that one done at the previous Endo's office earlier this year. I called our hospital and was quoted a price of $221 PLUS what the radiologist would charge which would be a separate charge from XXXX. They gave me the number of XXXX to call, which I did, and XXXX told me that the radiologist charge was included with the hospital billing quote. Not trusting the left hand to know what the right hand was saying or doing I decided against having the second DEXA done.

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