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Scared of Doctor
Sep 5, 2005
I have an appointment to see my rheumatologist this week, and I'm really not looking forward to it. He acts as though it's my fault that I can't tolerate the side-effects of all the osteo drugs. I think this attitude forces people to lie and pretend that they're taking something when they're not. I can't pretend that I'm taking his last recommendation, Forteo, because he'll find out at my next scan.

I haven't had much luck finding a more sympathetic doctor in my area who's willing to work with me to find a solution instead of just writing out one prescription after another. I guess they just don't want to be responsible if you don't follow their instructions, but it really spoils the doctor-patient relationship (not that there is much of one any more these days with only 10 minutes a visit).
I'm sorry that you can't find a good doctor, it does make all the difference. Your doctor can find out from the insurance company (unless your paying cash) whether your picking up a prescription. Pretending to take prescribed medications won't treat the disease. I tried the Fosamax and couldn't tolerate it but I've been on Forteo for a year with no side effects, and increased bone density. Medications are just one part of treatment as exercise and calcium supplements, dietary calcium, and anything your body is deficient in all help improve bone density. I wish there was a simple cure.

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