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Density score
Sep 10, 2005
Well I went off Actenol months ago and then I had my dexa scan which I get every 2 yrs. My T scores are -3.5 in the spine and 3.7 hips with evidence of 2 stress fractures in the thorasic T4 T5 area so does that say get back on the actenol again to any of you? I go to the gymn every other day and do what I can run etc, I can't lift weights as my hands are very arthritic from erosive arthritis, carpal surgeries of many, I'm 57 and was diagonsed in 1999 with osteoporosis. I hate taking this stuff as we don't know the long term effects, yet according to my rheumy he says to weigh the benefits and risks on a personal level and I have. Peregrine, just what is this book all about "myth of osteoporosis" anyway? I interpret the title as saying osteoporosis is a myth.
Re: Density score
Sep 11, 2005
I'll have to go to Barnes and Noble and look for the book. I have a RN friend who did say my scores warrant careful consideration in possibly getting back on actenol. I do have a malabsorption problem as well, I have pernicious anemia and have been giving myself injections for years. Vitamins get my GERD in full swing but actenol doesn't seem to bother me. I'm not good about taking pills as it is, I eat healthy calcium rich foods, exercise regular but the scores keep getting worse. I took them to my obgyn and she said with those scores I should really take a look at actenol again but she understands my hesitancy.

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